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ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! O HAI innernet!!! It's Saturday and dat mean time for ASK STEWIE! YAY!!!
Today we have very important question so LET'S GET TO IT, HAHAHAHAHHA!!!

Andi said…

Dear Stewie,
The peeps are calling me fat, but I'm just extra fat is too
fat? Do I need to be on diet food. I want to live a long time and
continue to wake my Mommy up every morning at 4:00 a.m. Have you been
to the vet and are you on diet food?
Jessica (dictated to my mom, Andi@


First of all, Stewie want to say you have very very pretty name. You single? Are you on Schmokay Lupid? Cause Stewie think you and Stewie could be happy together.

Just saying.

ANYWAY! Dis a question about the fatness of cats. Dis question get asked aaaaaaall the times, so Stewie guess it important even though Stewie don't see problem. You see, sweet Jessica, STEWIE NOT FAT! And neither are you. Stewie BIG. Big like HOUSE! Brick house, hahahahaahaha!!!! But yes, Stewie on diet food, so is LULU, cause she something called RUBENESQUE and Stewie have NO idea what dat mean, but he suspects maybe it mean leeeeetle overweight cause Lulu get called pregnant all times, even though we FIXED. Dat mean we don't have any kitten parts, OH NOES! But seriously, spay. Nooter. Man on Price is Right tell you so.

WHAT STEWIE TALKING ABOUT??? O yeah. So what your hooman bean need to do is take you to VET, OH NOES! And say "Is this bee-you-ti-ful kittycat a touch overweight?" and then if Vet say "OMG YES" then you get diet food, make sure you run around lots, and then you get slim and trim.

But remember, Stewie love you JUST WAY YOU ARE.

Call Stewie, Jessica. We go get coffee together, and then poop on floor. ROMANTIC!!!!

PS: Wake up at 4 in morning? Stewie thing that GRAND. You keep doing dat.


Cat stock 023

Does dis look like fat cat to you? ANSWER IS NO!!!!


Ask Stewie Starring Stewie Part The One Dat’s Next! — 5 Comments

  1. Stooie, Stooie,
    Pick me, pick me!! I know you cat, me dog, but that ok!! My bean is always taking pikturs of me while I be sleepin’, droolin’, poopin’, whutever!! ALL tha time. Why that beans do that? How can I make hur STOP!!!??? Thanks,
    Gizmo tha dog

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