But There Are Snack Cakes On The Dark Side!

 Amber: dude, you gotta take this tagine recipe from me. Once you invest in the spices that go into it, it is CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP
my spice blend does have a lot of spices in it. almost all the Cs in my spice rack
 me: ha
  The Professor would be very impressed
  he's disgusted by my eating habits
 Amber: cinnamon, cardamom, cumin, cayenne, coriander, and then tumeric, garlic, and salt
 me: I have garlic!
  and salt!
 Amber: do you have any of the others? 🙂
 me: um.


Amber: dude, I need to give you a Pantry Staples shopping list.
 me: hee
  I needs help!
the initial purchase is expensive, but then you have all the basic
necessities. you gotsta have broth and canned tomatoes ALWAYS
  and chickpeas, too, because they're full of fiber and protein and really versatile.
  they can go in soups, curries and casseroles, or be made into delicious hummus.
me: damn, between you and The Professor, I'll end up eating like a big girl one of these days


 Amber: okay, so if you're SERIOUS about eating like a grown up, and you want help stocking your pantry, lemme know.
 me: k
 Amber: i burned my nuts. me: MAHHAHAHAHAAHHAAH
  I mean
  I'm sorry


 Amber: I will stop talking about pantry basics in a minure.
 me: ok
 Amber: but first…
 OMG you have to have some shit in your cupboard to not eat cheesy rice all the time.
 me: I have snack cakes in my cupboard
broth, canned tomatoes, tomato paste, dried grains you buy in bulk,
legumes, spices spices spices, and then flour, sugar, brown sugar
baking powder/soda…
 me: OMG
  I have none of those things
if you have all that stuff and a few other things, all you have to do
is buy produce and meat when you want to cook, and you're pretty much
  okay, did you know you can make biscuits for less than a dollar a dozen if you make them with shortening?
it's a little more if you use butter.
 me: Make? Biscuits?
 Amber: hee.
  yes. it's pretty easy.


 Amber: oh dear.
  The Professor and I need to get together and have a Come to Jesus with you. 🙂
  I'm so blogging about this


okay, well, then, we'll start the real intervention later. I need to
eat my FANCY dinner that cost me a $6 pack of chicken and a $0.30
onion. 🙂
 me: 😛
 Amber: MWAH


But There Are Snack Cakes On The Dark Side! — 7 Comments

  1. Hee. She’s right though. For Women Who Have a Life And Therefore Cannot Grocery Shop Daily, and Are Maybe Also a Little Lazy, having staples in the pantry is key. Will never forget my mother-in-law coming to visit and exclaiming, “My GOODNESS, you certainly do have a lot of CANNED FOOD!” Yes. Because I am not a childless housewife with no other work or activities outside the home.
    Gotta add pasta to the list. Pasta is important to keep on hand. Easy, fast and you can make simple sauce out of canned tomatoes, tomato paste + contents of spice rack.
    But snack cakes are important too. They are a key ingredient of White Trash Trifle (Twinkies + Cool Whip + fruit; canned fruit may be substituted for fresh fruit for additional trashiness. Recipe from the Sweet Potato Queen, Jill Conner Browne).

  2. But does she have celery seed? Cloves? Chives? I love me some spices. They are the only thing in my house guaranteed to be in order. OR ALL WILL PAY!
    The thing about spices spices spices? Even if all you have in your house is a can of tuna and some rice, they can make the difference between eating from a can and having a downright tasty meal!

  3. I can’t believe you exposed the awful typos and sporadic punctuation that pepper my IM speech. Here they are for all to see! I can spell and have excellent grammar, y’all.
    *glares at Miss Banshee*

  4. Eating like a big girl is overrated. I love eating like a 12 year old – chicken strips, fries, cheese curds, pizza, cheeseburger. If the restaurant has any of those, I am happy. When my husband is gone for work, I eat plain nachos every day. It is heaven.

  5. Yeah. You don’t want to be like Josiah Brooks, who, on this day in history in 1729, was apprehended for stealing 34 pounds of beef from a butcher’s stall. That’s not necessary.
    Also, try to make things up sometimes. I made a delicious cinnamon and ginger chicken with couscous the other day.

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