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Hellooooooooooo, everybuddy!!! IT'S STEWIE!!! It's that time again for me to tell you about everything there is to know about everything! Okay, so let's get to your question, cause today it's a GOOD ONE, cause it's all about STEWIE!!! HOORAY!!!!

nolfo said…


Do you ever get wound up or are you always so mellow? If you ever do
freak out, where are the pics? Also, what is with the green olives,

HI Dr. Nolfo!!

Did you know that Dr. Nolfo is mama's friend outside the compooter? They went to skool together! Where they wore uniform and got skeered by nun! Anyway, now Nolfo DOCTOR Nolfo, and she teach college! SO SMART THAT NOLFO! But even more smart cause she ask about STEWIE.

Okay good, okay fine. Here answer. Stewie sometimes get REALLY WOUND UP OH BOY. Dis what you do when you Stewie and you get wound up like TOP.

  • Poop on floor.
  • Scratch around litterbox for LONG TIME till Mama say "WE GET IT, EVERYONE GETS IT, STOP STOP STOP you drive Mama to LUNATIC ASYLUM."
  • Run!
  • Run run run.
  • Bonk into closet door.
  • Bonk head repeatedly on closet door.
  • Cryyyyyyyyy, cry cry at closet, cause inside? NARNIA. Also shoes to eat.
  • Run!
  • Bite Lulybelle.
  • RUN MOAR!!!!
  • Climb up on nightstand. Push everything off nightstand.

See, Stewie get in lots of trouble sometimes. That why he need to nap so much! Okay, next part of question!

Why green olibes? WHY NOT, DAT WHAT STEWIE SAY! Mama thinks it cause of salt, but Stewie just love love loeb green olive, and he will BITE FINGER if he do not get one. Stewie mystery like dat.

OKAY PEEPLE! Ask Stewie over! DID YOU LOVE IT? Stewie know he did. Have good week, Mama back tomorrow! And remember, if you have any greeeeeeeeeeeeeeen olives, send them to Stewie, and he give you big stinky kisses.

And bites. LOVE BITES.



Ask Stewie Starring Stewie Part The Whatever! — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you Stewie!
    IF you really love salt I will have to send you a delicious pack of smoked herring! It is delightful and filled with salty fishy goodness just ask my kitties Pandora and Mako. (Miss Banshee, I will not actually do this to save you from the litter box fallout).
    Perhaps Stewie, I will feature you in a lecture about the effects of domestication on diet selection. The students will love to see a cat eating olives, especially one as handsome as you. And remember, running around the house is not all bad – it lets mama know you are not in a coma. I wish my beloved “Dora bedsores” (she does not have bedsores but she hardly moves) would do the same.
    Keep up the great posts, sassy kitty!

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