Ask Stewie Starring Stewie Part The This One!


O HAI EVERYBUDDY!!! It's time for asking Stewie all the questions in all the lands and the seas, YAY!!!!! I am sure we have a very very important question so let's get RIGHT TO IT!

Dear Stewie,

Does the water in the toilets in Australia REALLY spin the opposite way as the ones in America?

Stewie Say:

Oh Viewtiful Justin. Justin? Can Stewie call you Justin, Justin? Justin, Stewie ponder your question for long time, Justin. Stewie think and think and think. He Google! He look in book. He phone a friend and ask a neighbor for opinion. He write letter TO PRESIDENT OBAMA. He even call his granny. He do all these thing in order to answer your question, till he figure out is full of SCIENCE. Then he give up, cause Stewie has never been to Australia. So he don't know.

What Stewie know about is TOILET. Oh yes, Stewie know that a toilet is another water place! Just like STEWIE'S water place, only BIGGER and if you go to have a drink you get YELLED AT HAHAHAHHAHA! The toilet is also where Stewie stands to watch Mama dry her HAIR. Stewie like TIGHTROPE WALKER on big water place and one time Stewie fall IN OH NO!!!! Mama had to rescue him then Stewie scratch her and run away. That fixed it!

WHAT WERE WE TALKING ABOUT???? Stewie don't know anymore. Did you ever get distracted? Happened to Stewie. Anyway BEE-YOU-TI-FUL JUSTIN, Stewie hope that answer your question. And if it doesn't? Stewie suggest you get ticket to Australia, get on plane, get off plane, go to potty in airport and flush toilet. Then you see yourself!

But Stewie think he just poop outside litter box in Australia. BUT MAYBE IN OPPOSITE DIRECTION!

LOVE, STEWIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Ask Stewie Starring Stewie Part The This One! — 3 Comments

  1. Oh Stewie, you are so smart and you definitely have your priorities in life down pat. I like that in an animal (even if you are a cat) because humans easily get in the way of what’s important and so we must learn to manipulate them to our bidding.

  2. Stewie – you ever thinking about taking over your Momma’s blog completely? Or writing your own blog? You completely crack me up…not that your Momma doesn’t, but you could be your own star…babe, you are going places.

  3. Oh, Stewie, thanks so much for answering my question. I wonder if the litter swirls the other way there, too…
    And hey, if you’re buying the plane tickets, I’ll fly to Australia to do the research!
    Sorry you fell in the toilet. But at least you scratched Momma and ran! That’s saving face!

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