Viciously. Sick.

Oooooooooh my precious little squirrels. I am so sick. I tried SO HARD to make it through tech today. So hard! But the whole day I wanted to get extravagantly sick, and I was dizzy, and argh. I made it eight out of twelve hours, and I'm pretty proud of myself for doing so. But still. So damn sick.

This irritates me to no end. Yeah, this is a volunteer job, and yeah, I did my best, but that's never good enough, is it? Not for me it isn't! Because I am the most stubborn creature in all the lands and seas, and even when I was shaking so hard I couldn't tie the poor actress's shoes, I said NO DAMMIT I AM FINE even when the deities themselves were saying "um, yeah, not so much."

So damn stubborn.

So tomorrow is another day. And I shall persist, and get through the 12 hours, dangit, and MAKE those costume changes, I will make the SHIT out of those costume changes. Yeah! YEAH, DAMMIT!!!!

I'm so bringing fourteen bottles of Pepto. At least.



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