It’s Not Swine Flu, Dammit! (Oink.)

So my huge weekend of 12 hour days? Didn't happen. I made it about 8 hours on Saturday, feeling quite poorly indeed, sweating, and feeling like I could very well puke at any moment. By hour nine, I was ordered home, where I slept for the next day and a half.

Man, what a freaking disappointment.

I haven't worked in so long, and was really looking forward to carrying on through hell or high water, and it just didn't pan out that way. And of course, there was this:

Me: I feel awful
The Internet: SWINE FLU!!
Me: No, just regular flu
The Internet: YOU HAVE SWINE FLU!!
Me: No I do not. Just regular flu…wait. What the hell is swine flu?
The Internet: You don't KNOW???
Me: I was in tech rehearsals all day. No, I don't know
The Internet: Swine Flu! It will kill us all!
Me: That's…troubling.
The Internet: WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE. And you missed it!
Me: This is what I get by not being on the internet? I get SWINE FLU???
The Internet: Work is overrated
Me: I guess so!

But I'm feeling a lot better now, so I guess that despite what the internet says, I don't have the Swine Flu. I'm back to work tomorrow night, so we'll see what happens.

Wait, what?
Not funny, dude.
Heehee. Oink.


It’s Not Swine Flu, Dammit! (Oink.) — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you for not freaking out about the damn swine flu. UGH! I’m sick to death of hearing about the swine flu.
    No one is going to get the swine flu. The only pandemic we need to worry about right now is STUPIDITY! Oh, and fearmongering.

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