O HAI IT’S 1:38 AM

Y'all? Dudes? I am so tired. So so tired. I want to go to bed so bad, but I CANNOT. Because I need to find out what happened in the world today so as to write one of my magnificent and thought-provoking marginally – entertaining articles for MamaPop. So I shall staple my eyelids open and press on.

Doing a play is hard, y'all. And I'm not even IN the play! Most times I spend in the wardrobe room, staring at the walls and saying "DIOS MIO, there HAS to be something I could be doing right now!" to which is replied "Well sure, sew on these buttons" and then I stab myself with a sewing needle and everything fades to black. But this is my life for the next month, and I am gonna do it, dammit!

It brings back a great deal of memories, being back volunteering time at the theater, and I'm glad I'm doing it. Several things suck ass, however, like the Professor cancelling trips to see me (SOB) and missing my TV (WAIL) and the cats eating the entirety of a bag I was crocheting because they're bored at home,(HATE) and also I didn't even KNOW about swine fucking flu until someone told me I had it, which I did NOT, and oh my god, I'm rambling SO BAD. FORGIVE ME?!?!???!?!?!

I…I need to go to bed. Yes. I think that's best. More later, my beloved doves. I don't even know where I AM anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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