She LIVES! She LIVES!!!!

Y'all? I am seriously almost in tears that you kept reading the blog even though it was all "We're doomed, we're all doomed, the end bye bye" for the last week. I've been trying so hard to muster any energy I have left at the end of the day…night…midnight…Okay, I have no concept of time anymore other than my cues for the show. I'm a dresser, which means I lug costumes to and fro, and there is not so much of the "lugging" as there is the "running" which is what I do for three hours a night…day…I don't see the sun so much, is what I am saying.

But the show! It, actually, went ON, and there was much rejoicing. But there's something I need to tell you about, which is pretty much the only funny thing that happened in the last week.

Yesterday, (Sunday? Yes, it was the day before DAY OFF so it must have been Sunday) we had two shows. Two. After two shows on Saturday. Plus, the actors and most of the crew had gone to a party on Saturday (Not yours truly, because man oh man, did I want to drink, like, HOLY GOD did I want to drink) so by the second show we were all a bit punchy. Okay, we had totally lost it. We were falling apart laughing backstage and then…The show started.

There was something off about it from the beginning. As I ran between costume changes, I felt something was…different. Why was I running so fast? Why was I sweating up a storm before the first act had even gotten halfway through? Why did everything seem…quicker?

One of the actors, ripping his clothes off and changing into his next costume, had an evil glint in his eye. I finally had to KNOW what was going on.

Me: DUDE! What the HELL???
Actor: We're out of here by 9:00!
Me: But…that's an hour earlier than the show's time!

Yeah, so the actors were BLAZING through the scenes at top speed, which was grand in the sense that the show would be shorter than THREE HOURS OH MY GOD IT'S SO LONG, but my costume changes, which have me on my feet and RUNNING did I mention the frantic RUNNING for three hours would be even FASTER and I had already taped up my feet with duct tape to hold my blisters in place and Oh Emm Gee, DUDE. It was insane. But we were all so giddy and insane from a week of 12 hour days that we had broken. We were BROKEN.

So we did the show. Again. And we'll continue to do it, every night except Mondays, for a month. And then I am going to see the Professor, who probably has forgotten what I look like, for A LONG TIME.




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  1. I used to be on the acting side of things and the only way the show ever got shorter was when my *co-STAR* Skipped an entire chunk of one scene which made a whole other scene make no sense…What you do…make it up as you go!

  2. Cutting an hour off the show – that’s crazy! Is this just on the weekend? Despite the fatigue you still sound like you are having fun – bet the kitties miss you though.

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