As The Courtyard Turns: Hey, At Least She Didn’t Die!

Neighbor Lady: Hi! How are you?
Me: Oh, going to work, which is something I do. That's all I do. Please save me.
Neighbor Lady: That's nice! I almost broke my leg yesterday!
Me: Oh! That's…awful, actually.
NL: I have a hematoma!
Me: Wow, that's a lot of information.
NL: Wanna see?
Me: Do I have a choice?
NL: *pulls up pant leg*
Me: Wow. You weren't kidding, were ya.
NL: I lay on my kitchen floor forEVER.
Me: Oh no! You couldn't reach the phone?
NL: Oh I could, I just didn't know who to call.
Me: Um, the AMBULANCE comes to mind.
NL: I'm not paying for an ambulance!
Me: Naturally. Well…I guess…Um…
NL: Can I get your phone number?
Me: Oh! Um…
NL: You could have saved my life!
Me: I…suppose I could have! Wow, you're not giving me many options here, are you?
NL: Let me write down your number on this receipt with an eyeliner.
Me: I…suppose? But don't call at night! That's when I work!
NL: I'll try not to die on your schedule!
Me: Awesome. This whole thing. Awesome. Wow.


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