Tales From The Dressing Room

Ooooooooooh, my sweet kittens. Let Auntie Banshee tell you a story from work. Now. When I first volunteered for this job, there were SEVERAL things that I neglected to think about. Included in that list were:

  • Fourteen hour days
  • Enormous amounts of stress
  • Ironing
  • Men's dressing rooms

It's the last thing we're going to discuss. The men's dressing room. Never have you seen a place so full of demons than the men's dressing room. There are seven men in the play, and all of them enjoy a bit of conversation before and after the show. I enjoy it a bit less, because I'm hanging up clothes all the live long day, but oh man, the conversations. I've never laughed so hard or been more mortified, I mean MORTIFIED then in the men's dressing room. Here are some topics that the lads enjoy discussing, and keep in mind that these are seven heterosexual men.

  • young women, hotness of
  • young women, sexual prowess of
  • each other, homosexuality of
  • each other, level of enjoyment of homosexual sex
  • each other, smallness of genetalia
  • each other, lack of talent
  • each other, lack of sexual skills
  • young women, age of
  • each other, age of in reference to age of young women
  • legality, regarding sexual practices with young women

There's a HELL of a lot more, but I simply cannot bring myself to say it, because it's THAT filthy. Again, hysterical laughing and mortification go hand in hand in these adventures. And it is all due to the fact that every damn performance I am in the room, and every damn performance they forget I'm in the room. Or maybe they just don't care. One of those.

This is my gig, people. Now if only I could get them to hang up their own damn clothes.


Tales From The Dressing Room — 3 Comments

  1. oh let me tell you the days i worked costumes at william and mary in the guys dressing rooms…the conversations were blue like that and then there were the
    1) self, level of drunkeness previous night
    2) others, homosexuality who slept with who
    3) young women, clevage of (especially if it was classical theatre)
    Gotta love the stage.

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