What Is This? A Blog? What A Curious Invention!

*taps microphone*

HELLO!?!?!? IS THIS THING ON!?!!?!??!

Oh. Hi. HELLO, my precious little kittens!!!! It seems like forever and a day since I've talked to you. That is completely unacceptable! Not fair to the public! Outrageous! And all because I've been working like a completely manic lunatic freak, which is a description most people use for me. So anyway, yes. I've been away for a SHOCKING and UNFAIR amount of time. I apologize. Completely the fault of my job, which is DONE DONE DONE, huzzah, and so I return to the internet tentatively knocking on Al Gore's door, begging y'all to take me back. And here I am! Please embrace me, I need an internetty hug.

One DIVINE thing has been the Professor, who has been here for over a week, and man, not to get schmoopy and betray my PROUDLY SINGLE SISTERS, HOLLA, there is something about going home to someone that makes me well with tears, how happy it makes me, and how much it hurt to go without for so long.


The facts are that today? Monday? My first day of SWEET SWEET FREEDOM? I have no idea what to do with myself. NO IDEA!!!! I keep burning my eyes into the clock trying to see what time I have to go to work. Ridiculous! I can finally relax! So why in the name of Merlin's boxer shorts am I still using exclamation points? Because I have forgotten how to CALM. DOWN. Of course I blame my job and not my bipolar, but I'll thank you not to judge me.

Okay, kittens. I've gotta go. This was a TERRIBLE blog entry. More tomorrow, where I will attempt to make sense and tell some stories from the theatre.



What Is This? A Blog? What A Curious Invention! — 4 Comments

  1. Its not the job that kept you away,it was the sweet,sweet lovins of your curry making man!!! Big hugs and welcome back and give Lulu and Stewie much need momma loves!!!

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