Peeples! Persons! Peepers! Peepee!!!! It's ME STEWIE, and I am BACK writing BLOG THING! Did you miss Stewie? Did you cry so many tears of grief and woe? Stewie understand. It's hard not having Stewie around to tell you what's what and who's who and GUESS WHAT I DID ON THE BATHMAT!!!!

(If you guessed pewped, you RIGHT and you get gold star.)

Hooman beans. Stewie has been SO bad lately. So bad! Badder than a big bad thing. Stewie's delicate tummy has caused MUCHO PROBLEMO lately, and that's all I have to say about THAT, cause Mama yelling for Stewie not to be uncouth.

So Stewie here cause you know what yesterday was? It was MAMA BIRTHDAY! She old. Beans, she SO OLD NOW. 32! Thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirty twooooooooooooo. DAT'S OLD! Lulasmell and I get her a walker and some Metamucil and subscription to AARP NEWSLETTER HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHHA. Anyway, Mama have birthday and innernet peeples SO NICE to Mama, send her all sorts of nice messages. SO NICE! Mama get tear in eye, she love innernet peeples so much.

So what else happen lately? Not much, dat for sure! Oh! So Stewie was doing his big trick where he go rolling rolling rolling when Mama sing the rolling song, and it was sooooooooo fun and Mama was laughing cause Stewie too FAT to roll all the way over! Dat not so funny, Stewie think. Grr! Stewie GROWL at Mama! So anyway, Stewie was roooooooooooooooolling and then something terribly tragical happen. Stewie FALL OFF BED! WHOOPS!!!!! Rolling was too VIGOROUS and then KERPLUNK. Stewie think "Why Stewie on floor? Stewie was on SLEEP PLACE not WALKING PLACE! Then Stewie give himself little bath and then stroll off. Probably to break something or yakk. One of those.

OKAY BLOG OVER! Go out and play, my hooman beans, and Stewie talk to you soon! And Stewie apoloo- apaaalojize- oooppoopoolize- STEWIE SORRY, MR. PROFESSOR MAN! Mr Professor Man doesn't like when Stewie blog about thinks like poooooooopies. He think that gross. OH WELL, Stewie gotta be me, AM I RIGHT!!!?!?!



STEWIE HERE, PEEPLES!!! — 5 Comments

  1. Oh my Banshee, as much as I love the Stewie what really caught my attention is OMG WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR FEET?!

  2. Stewie needs to talk to us more offen,we miss him because he so smart and witty!!!I have to be nosy like Stewie in closet looking around but yea Stewie’s momma,what did you do to your feet?? I guess you are a gentle lotus blossom and shoes ate your feet!!!

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