Breakups happen all the time. People find out they've been cheated on all the time. Finding yourself single and on your own again happens all the time. Broken hearts happen all the time.

Today, it's my time.

I'm not going to pull down the blog entries with him in them. That would make the whole thing disappear, and I need to have it right here to learn from it. To remind myself it's not my fault he cheated, that somehow, this was meant to happen this way, even though I can't for the life of me figure out why.

One chapter ends, another begins. Alone? Very well then. Alone.


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  1. That totally sucks. Walk on through it with your head held high as you blow it into something bigger and better, and move on. And remember that living well is the very, very best revenge.

  2. So sorry to hear. It’s not your fault he cheated, it happens and for the life of me I can’t figure out why it happens.
    It’s better you found out now rather than later on down the line.

    I am also crushed for you. Big old pieces of me are crushed for you, but even bigger ones are sneering and facing the general direction of wherever he may be in the world. That is the lowest possible thing somone can do to another, and better you know now and walk away with dignity than allow him to pull you in further.
    So, so sneering…

  4. I’m so sorry, love.
    But you are SO right. It is NOT your fault he did this. Some people make SHITTY choices without any regard for the pain they might cause others..
    If you need a shoulder, I’m here. I know how you’re feeling all too well.

  5. I’d probably sound like a lunatic if I said what I’m really thinking right now (I get a little het up about this type of thing) so instead I’ll just say that I’m very sorry and I’ll offer you internet stranger hugs also and then I’ll go wish for the jerks ballsack to fall off and slip out his pants leg in front of everyone.

  6. Well this just blows, doesn’t it? Been there, know just how you feel. Sending hugs from a total stranger. Feel better soon.

  7. Don’t bother with hating him- I will hate him for you. Hating requires too much energy and time for you to waste on a pile of shit. (I am retired, so I have plenty of spare time and energy. Hating him will be my volunteer project.)

  8. You are deserve to be treated better than that. Good for you for taking a stand and not letting it slide. It’s entirely his loss. Although, that doesn’t devalue the immediate loss you are feeling right now. Be pissed, be sad, be glad that you are strong enough now to walk away instead of staying and being subjected to disloyalty. You are not a victim. you are awesome!

  9. I could call him all sorts of vile,foul names but that would be wrong !! I am so sorry kitten…I say just hold your head up and eat some realllllly bad,fattening food and cry,rage,scream,etcetc and then start to heal.Big good karma hugs to you sweetie..

  10. New to your blog, and have been truly enjoying every word. Until today, because dude, that just SUCKS. I’m so, so sorry. ((HUGS))

  11. He is a disgrace to professors one and all. We are here to serve as role models of honesty and integrity – good job leading by example DICK.

  12. Not alone! You still have Lulusmell and Stewie!
    And, really, if he’s a big enough dick to cheat on you, he’s not worth your time. I’m sure you’ve been told this before I got here…but that doesn’t make it any less true.
    *hugs* You have my empathy.

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