Common Sense Steps In

Me: What in the holy fu-
Me: What are you doing?
Common Sense: Who, me? *BAM!!!*
Me: Yes, you. What in the name of Merlin's boxer briefs are you DOING?
Common Sense: I'm kicking your ass. *BAM*
Me: YES, I can SEE that you're kicking my ass. May I be so bold as to ask WHY you are kicking my ass?
CS: Cause you need to go. *BAM!*
Me: OW! Okay, what? Where do I need to go? Will you STOPPIT?
CS: No. I simply cannot. *BLAMMO!!*
Me: GodDAMMIT, where the hell do I need to go so damn bad?
CS: On. With. Your. Life. GO THERE. *BLAM!*
Me: On…with my life. Yeah, I was trying to avoid that.
CS: I KNOW. That's why *I* am here. To kick your ass back into your life. C'mon.
Me: I don't want to talk about it.
CS: I know. And I know you're sad. Sad as hell. And ANGRY. Furious! Congrats on not smashing all the dishes last night.
Me: Heh. Yeah, I really wanted to do that.
CS: Well, as the one who would have cleaned it up, I'm muy glad you didn't.
Me: Would have been spectacular.
CS: Would have been sharp. You don't do well with sharp. No emergency rooms for you, missy.
Me: Yeah, yeah, the dishes are safe.
CS: Look. You have amazing friends. You have people, dude. People who love you, people who are gonna get you through this. But you have to want it. And if that means I have to kick *BAM!* your white tattooed ass *BLAM!!!* all the way there, so be it. But you're GOING to get through this, and I won't *BAM* hear anything more in the matter.
Me: FINE! Fine. Just…stop KICKING.
CS: Get back to being funny, the internet has had it, Miss Gloom and Doom.
Me: I'm still gonna be sad. AND angry.
CS: That's fine. But you're also gonna get moving. Even if I have to kick you the whole way.
Me: Duly noted.

so many thanks to everyone who left such lovely comments. I love y'all, I really do.


Common Sense Steps In — 6 Comments

  1. Huzzah for Common Sense! Mourning isn’t for forever, but do allow some time for sadness & anger (even if you don’t break dishes, that would just scare the kittehs– please forgive the spelling, I just like it).
    Zoe (who still, inexplicably, thinks that Stewie is super-cute) & I are rooting for you, Miss Banshee! You are our favorite tuchis-kicking blog lady and we love you (even though we only wish that we knew you in real life. New Jersey isn’t THAT far from Wisconsin, is it?).

  2. Ack! Been trying to comment for DAYS but cannot comment from my phone because it is not an iPhone and therefore SUCKSSSSSS…then I get home and I forget because I forget things. So, I’m sorry.
    But seriously, I am SO sorry this has happened! Something similar happened to me last weekend. I just don’t have the balls to blog about it (yet). But, common sense is unfortunately right, the show must go on and we are (unfortunately sometimes) the stars of the show!
    Good luck missy, we’re all rooting for ya! 🙂

  3. Put on your big girl boots and kick back LMAO!!!! Is that a little sliver of the Miss Banshee humor we love and adore!?!?! Sounds like your funny gene is still in working order!!

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