Too Weird To Warrant A Title

Me: I had a thought.
Common Sense: Oh no.
Me: You know what would be the worst gummi product ever?
Common Sense: I don't want to play this game.
Common Sense: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!
Me: Clams. Of gummi.
Common Sense: Please stop, I beg of you.
Me: And they'd be gray.
Common Sense: I hate you, I really do.
Me: Seafood gummis would probably be a fantastic idea in general, actually.
Common Sense: You're still talking. Why are you still talking?
Common Sense: Excellent. I'll be…anywhere other than here.

Me: Hello Twitter! Guess what? GUMMI CLAMS!!!!
Twitter: Bleh!
Me: Gummi clams. I can't stop thinking about it. Discuss!
Lorcasaur: Overcooked clams are basically gummi. Never in MY house, though.
Velma: I just threw up in my mouth.
KristaBat: Clammi Gums.  Hahahaha.

Me: AMBER! GUMMI CLAMS! It's the taste sensation sweeping the nation!
Snarky Amber: It's a mystery why you are not a candy mogul.
Me: I KNOW! Gummi crustaceans for everyone! Gummi cockles and mussels and SOFT SHELL CRABS.
Snarky Amber: Are you taking your pills like you're supposed to?
Me: I can't stop thinking about it. I can't.
Snarky Amber: Oh, look at the time. GOTTA GO.
Me: Gummi clams!
Snarky Amber: I don't hear you!
Me: *sulk*

There is neither a point, nor a decent ending for this entry. But it's in your head now, just like it's in mine. And when you least expect it…

See? I didn't even have to say it, did I? You're welcome.

(gummi clams)


Too Weird To Warrant A Title — 11 Comments

  1. Ew. And also HAHAHA! But ew.
    I am torn. My outer almost 32 year old woman thinks this is completely disgusting, but my inner 12 year old boy thinks it is TOTALLY AWESOME, DUDE. Hmm.
    (the 12 yr old usually wins)

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