The Post Before The BlogHer Post

Y'ALL. I am back from BlogHer and have loads to tell as soon as I sleep. OH THE SWEET SLEEP. Stay tuned for: Unicorn Ass, The Best Party Ever, Loads And Loads Of The Awesomest People Ever, Owie Feet, Terrifyingly Purple Drinks, The Chillaxest Baby, and SO! MUCH! MORE!!! Exclamation Points!!!! But I'm crosseyed now, so y'all will have to wait. Needless to say, BlogHer 09 was the bomb. Diggety, even!

One thing I've got to say: If I didn't say hi to you, or looked like a deer in headlights with the staring and gaped mouth,  I AM SO SORRY. My shyness is paralyzing. Even with My Hair (needs caps cause it is an entity in and of itself) and My Boots and Veil (MamaPop party, I AM SUBTLE) I am so shy. And terrified of looking the fool. Which I am sure I didn't look like STARING AT PEOPLE.

God, I'm awesome.

Real post later!!!!!


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