I Left My Underpants In Chicago: The BlogHer Post Part The Second

Where were we, my precious little squirrels? Ah yes, we were at Thursday night, wherein people were graciously introducing themselves to me and I was introducing myself to people by saying incredibly clever things like "Buh? Duh. Um. Hi!" I am very very talented socially. So since I again, didn't have a nametag or ya know, a ticket to the event, really the only things I could attend were the People's Party (for everyone) and the MamaPop party, for which the whole trip was made possible. At first I was colossally bummed that I couldn't go to see the speakers or the discussion panels, but given my utter fright of socializing, I think it was for the best. (Buh? Duh. Um. Hi!)

It was after I had released myself from the People's Party throng that I was wandering, alone and bug-eyed, when I got a text from Snarky Amber. She was alive! And in Chicago! And not lost anymore on the train! Hooray! So I ran downstairs (yes, dammit, I RAN, and I didn't even fall down) (in heels) (Thank you, I'm pretty impressed too) to fetch her. The rest of the night we clung to each other in the huge crowd of people, and socialized, and met people, and took lots of smoke breaks.

Here's the thing. Smoking is grand. Now now, hear me out. I'm not talking about the actual ACT of smoking, that, as we all know, is grotesque and filthy and bad for you and YES, I'm aware of all this. But! It also is a way to meet people, since we are a (pardon the expression) dying breed, so Amber and I were able to meet a bunch of lovely people by going out to smoke every eleven minutes. This was better than the waves and waves of people inside, and I think I was able to even crack a non-terrified smile at one point.

Later on, the MamaPop crew met up in one of the bars and chilled out, and that was great. Not that we didn't want to hang out with other people, FAR from it, but that party was crazypants, and it was nice to just hang with all the people who write for the site. Oh! But before then!!! And here's the part where I gush about people from the internet: Amber was hungry, I was hungry, and there was no food that we could locate…UNTIL!!! A lovely couple overheard us and offered us the pizza they had carried back from a restaurant. Dudes! People GAVE us pizza! I LOVE PEOPLE IN THE INTERNET. I'll pay that forward one of these days, cause that ruled.

And that was Thursday. I'm forgetting everything, but that was what my brain retained. If I didn't write about you specifically and we met? Blame my lack of brain cells. I was sooooo happy to have met all the people I did, and honestly bummed that my own shyness kept me from meeting other people. I'll work on that for next year, promise.



I Left My Underpants In Chicago: The BlogHer Post Part The Second — 5 Comments

  1. I was sad that my shyness kept me from meeting more people too.. I think I’d had two drinks before I mustered up the gumption to talk to you. 😉 and I was pretty sure you wouldn’t bite or say ‘church-who-what-mom??’ so that helped.

  2. I enjoyed meeting you, but I was most certainly NOT smoking! No sir! Why would I be doing that, when everyone knows I don’t smoke?! Still, it was nice meeting you. (Not officially, but I did see you standing there, out where I wasn’t smoking, of course.)

  3. ahem, I was not smoking either. *cough* but we did get to meet Paula Deen’s publicist and while, sadly, that did not result in a MamaPop interview with Ms. Deen, it was still a cool meeting.

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