I Left My Underpants in Chicago: SPARKLECORN

What to tell you about Sparklecorn? Well, first, let's define what a Sparklecorn is.

A Sparklecorn is a unicorn made of glitter. It's a CORN that SPARKLES. Are we all on the same page? Oh good.

The Sparklecorn is MamaPop's official mascot. Because at MamaPop, we love several things, but unicorns and glitter are tops on that list, buddy. So when MamaPop threw a party at BlogHer, the only thing to do was to make it the Official MamaPop Sparklecorn Extraveganza Exclamation Points!

The party was amazing, (of course) and the DJ kicked all sorts of ass, and everyone (well, not EVERYONE) got nice and friendly with the free drink guys and danced up a storm and ohmygod everyone was all dressed up and it was like the BlogHer PROM, Y'ALL, except you could count the male occupants of the party on one hand and they were all married. But other than that? TOTALLY like prom, especially the drinking parts.

What, you don't believe me that such a party is possible? What?!?! Well then you'll have to look at the pictoral evidence, of which I have…none. No pictures. I didn't bring my camera because I would have had to lug it around and if you know me (and I know you do) that would have meant I would have LOST my camera because that's what I do. I lose things. So I had to beg for a picture, the ONE PICTURE that encapsulates the party, and that picture is this.


photo by kdiddy

What's that, you ask? Could it be? Could it ACTUALLY be what you think it is? No, surely not. But yes, that is exactly what that is. It's a cake. A SPARKLECORN CAKE. This was the most amazing cake I think has ever been made, and we loved it and kissed it and eventually got hungry and ate its ass. Yes we did.

And for everyone who was at Sparklecorn? You guys are the best. When the last song was "Lean On Me" and we all started dancing together? Remember that? You might not, if you were cozy with the free drinks guy, but *I* remember. That was A Moment. And I'll never forget it.

(And I better not, cause I don't have any pictures.)

PS: If you weren't at Sparklecorn, or BlogHer in general, and you're SO sick of these entries? This is the last one, okay? Thanks for playing along, really.

PPS: And if you see a pair of red and white underpants with monkeys on them in Room 1407 of the hotel? Those are mine.

PPPS: Really done now. SPARKLECORN!!!!


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