Common Sense: YOU! Get over here!!!!

Me: Wha?

CS: Ten days! It's been ten days since you blogged!

Me: Fleh. It's hot, my car is cranky, *I* am cranky, and everything can bite me. Poo.

CS: Well said. I'm sure your readers are thrilled with that update.

Me: Hey, YOU were the one who poked me.

CS: Let's talk about the car.

Me: No. The car is just being cranky. The mechanic said so.

CS: Really? The mechanic. Said your car was cranky.

Me: DUDE. The check engine light is just GOING ON. I can drive that damn car for thousands of miles and nothing bad will happen, but the check engine light will STILL be on, which means I can't pass an inspection which means badness. Which means money, and it's not polite to talk about money, so we're done with that subject.

CS: For reals? There's no reason to fix the car other than passing inspection?

Me: Ayup.

CS: Well that sucks. No wonder you're cranky.

Me: Listen. I'll blog soon. I really will. But not today. Today I'm working on "not breaking plates."

CS: Good plan.

Me: Thank you. You'll leave me be, then?

CS: No breaking plates. And you blog soon. Sooner than 10 days.

Me: Fine.


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