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  1. Oh Miss Banshee! Your hair looks just like mine, only mine is mainly red and has much less in the way of bangs. So– your hair is looking fabulous!!
    I am sending lots and lots of good chemical mojo your way, with the non-negotiable command to Ye Goddess of Pharmaceuticals that your prescription chemicals magically blend with your brain chemicals to bring you balance and happiness. I am also sending you love, even though we have never met, just because big heaps of Love are always a good thing.
    My best regards to the beautiful, intelligent and amazing Lulu. Hopefully, she can help you with your inner rage– because she is all about inner rage.
    My darling feline, Zoe, sends a big hello to Stewie– and would like me to relay the message that she thinks he is the cutest feline around.
    Please be kind to yourself, Miss Banshee, indulge in crappy cable psudo-reality shows, enjoy some tabloids and have some of the food that you love, but won’t eat often because it’s “bad for you”. Kindness is always good for you.
    Much love from one Pharmaceutical Refugee to Another… Nadine

  2. You have clearly made it past the “Ugly Phase” and now must simply wait it out. I recommend sating your innate desire to cut with clippies. New clippies every time the urge arises. They’re cheap and ever so cute. Plus, I like your long hair.

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