We Wantses The Twinkieses


Oh yes. We wantses the Twinkieses. And the CHINESE FOODSES, yes, we wants LOADS of Chinese foods and Twinkies and Zebra Cakes and ICEY CREAMIES YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES.

Oh hi! I'm on a diet.

I'm on a diet, and it freaking sucks. But hey, there's nothing that tastes as good as thin looks, right? (um, that's a HORRIBLE saying, ew) but yeah. I'm on a diet, and I've been really good about it, but it BLOWS GOATS, and I am not afraid to say it. I got sick and tired of not liking what I saw in the mirror, and decided that since I STILL do not belong to the Y, I had to do something on my own. So I'm doing some exercising and dieting. Whoopdie freaking doo.


Otherwise, things are a little better. Not hugely better, but enough that I'm not hysterically crying every day and crawling the walls every night. I'll take it, frankly. I stopped looking for a miracle in a prescription a long time ago, and after the last month or so, I will TAKE "a little better" because that's the reality of my bipolar and meds and all those things right now. I'll take it.

It seems that there's something in the water, because people I know (thanks, Facebook, you're awesome in the self-esteem category) are getting married in DROVES. And Facebook tells me, oh, yes, and shows me pictures and well-wishes, and it's not as if I wish BAD things on these people, far from it! It's just…am I destined to be the old maid? Am I EVER going to date again? I know, I know, but seriously, enough with the wedding bells, people. I get the point.


WHAT ELSE? I dunno. I need a manicure. The cats are driving me batty. I really, really need those kickboxing lessons.

Did we cover everything? The Preciouses icey creamies, I am Miss Havisham, manicure…


Sigh. Send General Tso's Chicken, please.



We Wantses The Twinkieses — 7 Comments

  1. I can completely relate to cravings. At one time my doctor wanted me to stop chocolate for a year (what a loon), and whenever a Snickers commercial would come on I would feel like what I imagined a heroin addict would while going through withdrawals.

  2. apparently weight watchers makes a twinkie. its not called that, but you totally know thats what its supposed to be. and like 80 calories? if they dont carry them by you i reckin you could order online. oh also? ya know what i like to do when it feels like the whole world is getting married and i am perpetualy single? try to count how many, out of all these husbands i know, i would actually agree to marry/ be able to put up w/ for even 5 secs. then you can just enjoy the wave of gratitude for not being w/ some d-bag

  3. Yeah, I just wrote my post where someone thought I was pregnant, so I am dieting as well- I feel your pain. No, really I do- it’s in my stomach, it’s growling.

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