Maybe Someday He’ll Forgive Me

Oh y'all. My poor Daddoo. 

So my dad has a herniated disc in his back, and it's been giving him excruciating pain for months now. I KNOW! Not funny at all. So he went in for surgery yesterday, and after MANY HOURS AH MAH GAH he came out of it fit as a fiddle (what, am I on Little House on the freaking Prairie now?) and insisting he was going to go home.

Hint: He ain't coming home for a few days.

For those of you who don't know my Dad, he's a very stoic person. He doesn't get emotional. Nope, he's way too cool for that. So cool, in fact, that this little exchange happened yesterday when I called the hospital room. (I know better than to come visit. Oh the shame!)

Me: Okay, dad, glad you're doing okay, I love you!

Dad: Yep.

Me: Love you!

Dad: That too.


Dad: Yep. Me too.

That's when I gave up. You see, my dad's been teaching teenagers his whole adult life. He's learned to be cool. You should have seen him when I admitted I had never read "The Grapes of Wrath." THEN he got stern. THEN he showed an emotion. But telling my dad I love him? After major surgery? I get a "yep."

Anyway, I'm sure he's over at the hospital giving everyone shit cause he can't come home today. Because he's a pain in the ass. He's also my Dad, and I love him to bits.



Maybe Someday He’ll Forgive Me — 4 Comments

  1. My Dad never said “I love you” either…he always said [I kid you not] “Talk to you later.” It meant the same thing, at least to me.
    He has been gone six years now and I would give anything in the world to hear him end a phone convo with “Talk to you later.” ‘Cause now? There ain’t no later.
    And I love my Daddy to bits too.

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