Saying Someone Influenced Me Might Not Be A Compliment

Okay, first things first. I can BARELY TYPE right now. Why? Are my hands hurt? Do I have a brain injury? NO. I…wait for it…cut my fingernails. I have no idea how to type with short nails, as I have been writing with HELLA LONG NAILS PAINTED BLACK OH MAN YOU MAKE A STATEMENT and this mornin at 6:31 am I cut them all off and holy shit, I can't type! So this obviously means I need to work on more bloggy. Try to stop me!!!!!!

So let me tell you about this incredibly awesome person named Leigh. Her internet name is MISS DOXIE and she rules. She's the person who was funny enough to make me say "Hey. I've been known to be funny at times, let me write a blog, and perhaps I can be funny for the public." That's how powerful she is. If it weren't for Miss Doxie, I wouldn't have a blog.

So Miss Doxie ran into some pretty serious depression and didn't write on her blog for a WHOLE YEAR. And those of us who had her on our Google Readers or checked her site every day waited faithfully for her to come back. Because Doxie is the funniest person on the internet, so she HAD to come back, right?

Well today she did. And you should go right ahead and bookmark her, cause she's getting back in the writing groove, she needs a lot of love, and mostly? You need to explore her archives, cause seriously? Seriously. She's the reason I blog. And she's WICKED FUNNY AH MAH GAH. 

Hilarious shit about my dad and surgery and he's TOTALLY FINE I CAN BREATHE AGAIN later today. Go read Miss Doxie's archives. You will be very happy you did.


Saying Someone Influenced Me Might Not Be A Compliment — 3 Comments

  1. Aw – she’s so great! Thanks for the update. After checking her site for months and not seeing anything new, I figured she stopped blogging. Glad to hear she wrote again.

  2. Oh yay! I love Miss Doxie, she was on my blogroll for years, and I’ve been wondering what on earth happened to her. Thanks for the update, I thought she’d left the Internet for good.

  3. YIPEE!!! I loved reading her back in the day then….NOTHING….I am glad she is back better than ever and shall mosey over and take a gander.Thanks for the tip

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