My Friend Anissa

My friend Anissa has the most magnificent rack you'll ever see. Her boobs are LEGENDARY. When I met her in person for the first time at BlogHer, I was transfixed by her bodacious tatas. I just wanted to snuggle them.

But that's Anissa. You just want to snuggle her. She's got the most amazing, infectious laugh, and the girl is ALWAYS smiling. Always. When Snarky Amber and I were basically squatting at BlogHer, with no tickets and nowhere to go, Anissa adopted us. She just waved off the "no ticket" thing with her cigarette and posed for pics with us. She assured us with her mere presence that she was fabulous and we, by proxy were fabulous. That's Anissa.

Anissa is supposed to be procrastinating on packing for a cruise. Her sweet little girl just got the "no cancer clear all" exam and her family is supposed to be getting ready to hit the seas and instead she's in a hospital bed. She had a stroke this afternoon and she's in ICU. This was NOT PART OF THE PLAN.

No, Anissa is supposed to be on Twitter, and Aiming Low, and Free Anissa, complaining about packing and making us all laugh. She is NOT supposed to be in ICU. Y'all? She is going to be SO PISSED.

Anissa is going to be ripshit that she missed her cruise. She's going to adorably scowl, and rant about it all over the internets. And we are going to laugh and laugh, because that's what Anissa does. She makes us laugh. 

So she has to get better. And she will. Because Anissa is funny as hell, and has fantastic tits, but most of all, she is one strong mama. She's gonna kick this stroke's ass. She has to. 

Help For Anissa if you're in the Atlanta area

Hope For Anissa at Aiming Low

PS: Y'all know I'm not religious, but if that's your bag? Pray for my friend. I've already had a very stern talk with whoever or whatever is up there to take care of my girl. Get in on the action. We're circling the wagons here. Good thoughts, mojo, juju, whatever. Thanks. 

PPS: And when Anissa DOES get better? Don't tell her I was crying like a little baby about all this, please? Cause she'll whip my sorry behind for that crap.

  I boob you so much, boob! I mean – I love you so much, dude!


My Friend Anissa — 6 Comments

  1. God. I know. I adore her, this whole thing has me so upset. I put my daughter in bed tonight & then cried because she should be at home tucking her kids in, too. Gah.
    She will be ok. She has to be. There is no alternative.
    And I classify myself as one of the “relaxed and groovy” type Christians (i.e., I don’t force my beliefs on anyone else, and I have zero tolerance for those who do), so I’m praying like crazy. I’m even throwing prayers up to dead relatives who I hope can jot down my message on a Post-It and then slip it into the Big Guy’s inbox for me.

  2. I dont know her but love her writings and twitters,I will send something to her family and will say a little prayer for her tonight.I hope her friends will keep everyone posted on how hse is doing.

  3. I’ve *slept with her and her boobs are amazing. She’s amazing. She will feel all these thoughts and prayers and she will grace us with her rack for always!
    *slept: Ok, ok, so we shared a hotel room in Birmingham, AL.

  4. I’ve been away from Twitter and blogs for months now (work, blah, blah, blah), so just found out a few days ago what happened. I have to say, this post captures Anissa perfectly (I’ve not met her IRL, but “know” her from Twitter, where her personality shines through and where we’ve exchanged much snark/sarcasm/swearing).

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