Dear Anissa

My darling Anissa,

Well you've gone and done it. You 'sploded the interwebs. I can't believe that this whole nightmare has only been going on for two days. I feel like we've been waiting for you to wake up forever, dude. You've gone and caused so much draaaaaaaaama! People are coming out of the WOODWORK for you, all "I don't know Anissa, but everyone who's cool likes her, so she must be AWESOME" or "Anissa? Not familiar with her work, but I hear her rack is spectacular," you know, typical stuff.

I don't think we've ever talked about it, but I have some experience with comas as well, missy, so don't go thinking you're patenting this little adventure. I was in my coma for SIX DAYS, and Anissa? You are not ALLOWED to be in yours for that long. I simply won't allow it. 

I don't remember a lot about that time, other than wanting so badly to move, to open my eyes, and my damn body wouldn't let me. I bet you're going through that too, as your wonderful Peter reported that you're making very deliberate movements with your left side, grabbing for his hand, etc. You're opening your eyes, too, which is awesome. You're working so hard, and I know you must be exhausted. But the Anissa I know would never whine that she was too tired. Girl, you have so much here waiting for you! But you know that. You know those kids of yours need you, that Peter needs you, that the entire god damn internet has camped out at your virtual door to keep an eye on you. 

We all have pom poms, Anissa. Fair warning.

Anyway, my love, rest up and heal. We're all here for you, all the time, and we're not going anywhere. Talk to you tomorrow, sweets.

Love always,


PS: I owe you, like, fifty menthol cigarettes, so you know, you've got to get on me for that. Just sayin.



Dear Anissa — 8 Comments

  1. Amber, you’re adorable and I wish I’d met you at BlogHer. Next year?
    I love that Anissa has a bunch of very UN-cheerleader-y type girls pulling out pom-poms that most of us probably didn’t even know we had. Gimme an A-N-I-S-S-A! Goooo, Anissa!!

  2. I LOVE reading Anissa’s stuff. So funny, hearwarming, astounding, just…she’s everything. I remember reading a post on before she went to Free Anissa about how she was STILl over coming her first stroke and she was really upset about not regaining her short term memory and some fine motor-skill type things. I can’t believe this has happened AGAIN.
    She is a super strong person though so she CAN do this. She WILL do this and she WILL be better than EVAR! πŸ™‚

  3. I remember that Tracey introduced me to all the MamaPop folks the first night (although I was so over-caffeinated that I was like a goldfish on speed – hey, look, a castle!), but I didn’t remember really *talking* to you at any point. That’s what I meant. I don’t think you’re forgettable at all. πŸ™‚

  4. I have never met any of you ladies but enjoy your writings very much.I have never cried over someone I have never met but Miss Anissa has cause me to do so.It amazes me that someone I have never met has made my heart ache but from what I have read,she is gonna get up soon and start kicking ass and taking names again.I for one cant wait for her to start her wonderful snarking again as I need her to make me laugh.I hope for all our sakes she is up and proudly showing off her amazing tatas very,very soon

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