Okay 2010 It’s STEWIE TIME YAY!

 Peeples. Persons. HOOMAN BEANS. It is ME, STEWIE, here to say Happy Noo Year!!!! Stewie's hooman bean friend Meaghan, she say "Yes, yes, Miss Banshee, it's all well and good for you to be blogging again, but WOO BOY STEP ASIDE cause STEWIE needs to talk about Noo Year Resoloo Resalushon NOO YEAR STUFF TO DO! And since Stewie LOVE Meaghan-friend, he say OKAY, YAY!!!!!! 


  • Poop more on places not meant for dat. Stewie especially like doing his bizness on the MAIL. Now before you shake your hooman heads at Stewie and say AMG BAD BOY you listen to why Stewie do dis. Stewie NEVER did this EVER until Mama leave him at KENNEL so she could traipse around Disney World WITHOUT STEWIE. Stewie wanted to ride Pirates of the CarriBEAN. So Stewie decided after dat nightmare he would start pooping on floor. And mail. And bathtub. Anywhere, reallys. All Stewie is saying is that this is NOT Stewie's fault. Blame Mama. Actually you go right ahead and blame Mama for everything. It easier like dat. 
  • Stewie isn't sure how much he can IMPROVE on next thing. LOOKIT WHAT STEWIE DID TO BIG BED TODAY.

DAT BIG HOLE IN SHEET!!!! Stewie DID DAT. Stewie digging to CHINA through the big bed! Stewie doesn't think you beans appreciate this totally AWESOME thing Stewie did. Look again. 


  •   Thing THREE! Stewie going to get out window using LASER BEAM EYES. See, Stewie sit on his throne of Awesome and stares out window ALL DAY, even when shades are closed! That okay, Stewie know the window is BEHIND shade, being awesome UNDERCOVER. So Stewie stare at window aaaaaall the days and into the nights. Someday that glass will give way to AWESOME LASER BEAM EYES OF AWESOME and then Stewie blow this popsicle stand, man. 

Dat's Stewie on Throne of Awesome. Bow to Stewie, puny beans! BOW!!!

Okay, dat enough stuff to do in 2010. Other than continue to be most TOTALLY KEWL CAT EVER. And eat lots of olibes olobes olives. And paper towels. And kibble, I guess. AND SHOE. 

WHEW, Blogging is tiring! Everyone all done now? Good beans. You go out and play in snow now, and don't lose your mittens!!!!!

LOVE STEWIE YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!



Okay 2010 It’s STEWIE TIME YAY! — 2 Comments

  1. I think Stewie is in cahoots with Teenie, my grumpy old lady cat. Who seems to think it’s her job to constantly find new places to pee in our house. Driving. Me. Crazy.
    I do love the Throne of Awesome. Now thinking about buying a plant stand for my cats to sit on.

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