Who Are You Calling A Loser?

Friends, the time has come. I want to fit into my old clothes, dudes, and they? Do not fit. So I am meekly returning to Jillian and her evil ways.


Well that's just unkind, Jillian. I just want to get back into my old clothes is all. So no more of these:

And no more of these:

 And definitely no more of this:


I'm not focusing on before and after numbers, and I'm CERTAINLY not posting my weight on the internet, but lemme tell you, I've gained a hell of a lot of weight in the last year, and that will never do. Time to get back into fighting weight, and so be it. Fruit, veg, lean meats, and that wretched wretch Jillian. Oooooooh Jillian. Bring it, bitch. And let's all cross our fingers that what happened last time I went on a frantic exercise routine:

Doesn't happen again. 

Wish me luck, and may visions of Hostess cake products dance in my dreams, and not in mah belly. 

I'll keep you posted.




Who Are You Calling A Loser? — 5 Comments

  1. Good luck! I’m making a solid attempt at returning to more healty ways, myself. Oh, let’s be honest, I’m trying to get to real healthy ways for the first time, oh, EVER. I’ve been doing lesser exercises for a warm up, but after watching so many of my online blogging peeps go for 30DS, I ordered it off amazon and should be starting it sometime next week. HOLD ME. I’m scared.

  2. I’m going to be right there with you, as soon as I’m over this cold/bronchitis thing. I refuse to start a diet while I’m sick, because that’s just mean.
    Oh, and I can’t do Jillian b/c she effed up my knees. But I do need to get my (ever-expanding) butt to the gym, and soon.

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