This is a typical day of text messages between The Scotsman and me. Witness the hilarity.

The Scotsman: I feel sick.

Me: Oh no! Do you have a cold?

The Scotsman: I was walking Riley and she hit me in the jimbobs with her rope toy.

Me: Oh dear. 

The Scotsman: The pain is indescribable. 

Me: Poor jimbobs. Bad doggie!

The Scotsman: STOP LAUGHING.

Me: I'm not laughing!

Phone: *RING*

Me: Hello?

The Scotsman: STOP LAUGHING.

Me: (laughing) I'm not laughing! From what I've gleaned from the men I know, it's not fun to be hit in the…in the….

The Scotsman: YOU'RE LAUGHING.

Me: In the…jimbobs. (explodes laughing)

The Scotsman: Very nice. You're very kind.

Me: I've just…never heard that TERM before. Is that a Southern thing?

The Scotsman: It's a MAN thing, you blue bellied, lily-livered Yankee! 

Me: That's why I like being a girl. No dangly bits.


*text message from The Scotsman*

The Scotsman: Riley headbutted me.

Me: oh no.

The Scotsman: IN THE JIMBOBS.

Me: DUDE. What is with your DOG?

The Scotsman: I'm going to have to start wearing a cup when I walk her.

Me: And you get on MY case about wearing protective equipment around the house.


*text message from The Scotsman*

The Scotsman: There's been entirely too much jimbobbery going on around here.

Me: I concur.

The Scotsman: You like that word too much, methinks.

Me: I am quite fond of it, yes.

The Scotsman: You've been pondering jimbobbery.

Me: Jimbobbery has crossed my mind.

The Scotsman: Blog it. 🙂

Me: Be careful what you wish for, you just may get it.

The Scotsman: What? Whooooo, meeeeee?

*Miss Banshee runs to computer, type type type*

Sigh. Well, I warned him, didn't I, faithful readers? Never dare a blogger.

 Riley sez: I can haz jimbobs?


Jimbobbery!!! — 6 Comments

    Riley could nail me in the jimbobs all she wants- @Stellathedog is constantly getting my brother.
    Poor pibble/mixes are at just the right height.

  2. Ok, is this totally a Duggar reference? I mean that guy (Jim Bob Duggar) does have a most active set of jimbobs.
    Mark has explained to me that nuts have some sort of magnetic force and that things just hit them. He actually said “Solar flares, I guess…”.

  3. I eated a soap today, daddy took me to the doctor and they made me throw it all up, and I no like.
    I sorry I hit daddy’s jimbobs, but he make funny faces and make funny noises…
    I no can haz jimbobs. Or soaps.

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