Delurking Day! Delurking Day!!! Come Out Wherever You Are!


You know what to do. Leave a comment, why don't ya?? You know I love you all, so make your presence known!

In other news, it was the first weigh-in day for the MamaPopLosers, and I have lost NINE POUNDS. That's crazy talk!

Real entry later. Hit those comments! I'll give you an internet cookie if you do. šŸ™‚


Miss Banshee


Delurking Day! Delurking Day!!! Come Out Wherever You Are! — 23 Comments

  1. i think this de-lurker icon is hilarious. and, um, those pants make your ass look fantastic? but seriously: nice work on the 9 lbs. i just got girl scout cookies in bulk, so i will gladly find the weight you’ve lost.

  2. I’m new and de-lurking. Congrats on the nine pounds! That’s amazing! You guys just started! Holy exclamation points, Batman!
    Anyway. Hi, my name is Jen O. and I’m a big fan.

  3. Are you losing the pounds by shreding with the devil woman? I am doubtful of your truthfulness because you have not been posting your daily bitching and moaning and pictures of ice packs as you have done in past encounters with devil woman Jilian. I am loving the pictures of your hair growing out. I will be completely entralled when you give up the disquise and let it go blond and curly.

  4. you are funny and awesome and your crazy and my crazy are similar, so I feel less bad about it. Would’ve commented sooner, but internet was being bitchy.

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