Well These Articles I Write Aren’t Going To Pimp THEMSELVES!

So do y'all read me at MamaPop? Of course you do, because you LOVE ME, right? Just in case your HANDS FELL OFF or you SUFFERED BRAIN TRAUMA or something and HAVEN'T read my articles for this week, here are some links. You clicky, you ready, you laughy. IS SO SIMPLE A CAVEMAN COULD DO IT.

First off, of course, is this week's The Bachelor recap. Click here or on the picture for hilarity. Hilarity and dirty whores.


And next is my article on James Van Der Beek, or "Dawson" of the eponymous Creek. Click here or on his poo-face for hilarity and five-head.


There! Pimping done! Go read mah other shiz, man!


Well These Articles I Write Aren’t Going To Pimp THEMSELVES! — 3 Comments

  1. Done. High five for being awesome. I always read your Bachelor recaps because they’re hilarious and also so that I don’t have to watch the show, ’cause I don’t wanna.

  2. These recaps make me want to watch the show, almost. I have to say I too will not be watching the valentine movie special even if I am happily married, its one thing to be the mushy couple, completly different thing to watch it. There is some great things about being single too.

  3. Amazing articles, both. The bachelor recap had me in stitches! AH MAH GAH I love you.
    And I never watched the Creek…never got into the Beek. But I’m all for sexy doctors. Or, at least, I would be if we had TV at home.

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