Quick note, y'all. This?

Is Brendan Gleeson's character from the movie "Braveheart." It is not "The Scotsman." I posted it cause, ya know, Braveheart? Scotland? The Scotsman? It was a joke, people. It fell MIGHTY FLAT. Sorry, no "real" pics of The Scotsman. I have a thing about posting pics of Real Life people on the blog. Me? You can look at my weird ass face all day and into the night, I don't care. But no, I don't put non-bloggy people's pics on the blog. It's just a thing I have.

The above picture came about through "doppelganger week" on Facebook. We were supposed to replace our profile pic with a famous person we resemble. The Scotsman suggested the above. I thought if we were going for warriors with way more hair than The Scotman sports, why not go all the way to Mordor, AM I RIGHT?

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah. That's the doppelganger *I* chose for The Scotsman. But, as we all know, all of us, even dead people know this, NO ONE EVER LISTENS TO ME, EVER, so we went with Brendan Gleeson. This, of course, gave me the opportunity to call the Scotsman "Mad Eye Moody," who Brendan Gleeson plays in the Harry Potter movies. And I enjoyed calling him that. Why? Because guess who he, and FAR TOO MANY OTHER FACEBOOK "FRIENDS" THINK I LOOK LIKE.

Go on, guess.

I would have gone with this, but noooooooooooooo, according to my "friends":


or maybe the same character in a lovely watercolor:

that one's even closer to me, I think.

But nooooooo. Those pics were vetoed. So I went to the interwebs, and here are some of the suggestions the web had for celebrities I resemble.


Um, I don't have boobs. Veto.


the nose is completely wrong. Veto.

What???????? No, not even close. Veto.

So it looked like I was going to go without a doppelganger for Doppelganger Week, and fine, whatever, I was ready to just slap this sucker up there anyway:


Then I asked my friend JKG to photoshoppy something for me, and the bastard not only took one of my baby pics from an earlier post, he MADE ME A ZOMBIE BABY. Mom, Dad? Remember. I did not do this to my baby picture. JKG did. He who is SUPPOSEDLY MY FRIEND.


(sidenote to everyone who is not a parent of mine: ISN'T THAT AWESOME?!???! Baby Zombie Banshee!!!)

So what did everyone on Facebook say should be my doppelganger?

Do you really want to know?

After all this?


Okay, here goes.

Apparently that's me, according to The Scotsman and a plethora of other people who live on Facebook.

So what do YOU think, readers? Who is my doppelganger?

I still go with the monkey, myself. 


Doppelgangland — 5 Comments

  1. Death is awesome. I wish I looked like her. I hated Doppleganger week. Apparently? I don’t look like anyone famous. (except one guy said early Madonna, but I think he was just trying to chat me up…)
    I’ll give you a +1 for NG’s Death. The simularity is there.

  2. Ok, who DIDN’T know the guy from Braveheart? Seriously? People were confused about that? Wow. I thought that was hilarious, FWIW.
    And, um, yeah, probably Betty Boop. Sorry because it seems to annoy you, but… yeah.
    I don’t really know who my doppelganger is. My husband says Neve Campbell, but you know, he’s married to me so he’s required to say nice stuff. I usually get Janeane Garofalo (which, um, ok – I mean, at least she’s smart & funny, right?). And in the late 90’s, I used to get Monica Lewinsky ALL THE DAMN TIME. And you know, she’s a pretty enough girl, but not a great association. “Hey, you look like the girl who gave the most famous blow job in western civilization!” “Gee, thanks!” Gah.

  3. Oh! Also! I have a FB friend who’s a black guy & he changed his doppelganger of choice? Post-surgery Heidi Montag. I can’t begin to tell you how happy that made me.

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