(uncomfortable silence) …Please, Someone, Tell A Joke!

Here's a little vignette to lighten the DAMN MOOD around here, yeesh! (title is from "Moonstruck")

Scene: Time to go to the bank to figure out when and how I overdrew my account. MISS BANSHEE puts on shoes, jacket, hat. Picks up bag, keys, and cigarettes. Exits kitchen door.

*walk walk walk*

Common Sense: Psst.

Me: Huh?

CS: You did it again.

Me: I know, I overdrew my account. I fucked up, I WAS PROMISED THERE WOULD BE NO MATH.

CS: No, not that.

Me: I DIDN'T overdraw my account? Sweet!

CS: No, dippy, you DID overdraw your account. You forgot something else. AGAIN.

Me: Nuh uh. I have my bag, WITH my wallet IN it, keys, cigarettes, hat, jacket, shoes…I am almost to the car, and I even remembered to go potty before I left.

CS: And yet, you still forgot something. Again.

Me: Uh oh.

CS: Look down, genius.

Me: *looks down* I'm wearing my jimjams.

CS: Correct.

Me: I am wearing my monkey jimjams and I almost got in the car to go to the bank.

CS: Correct.

Me: Again.

CS: Right. Again. 

Me: I'm gonna go change into big girl pants.

CS: Good plan.

Me: Big girls don't go to the bank in their jimjams.


Me: *sigh* Big girls don't go to the bank in their jimjams AGAIN.

CS: Righty-o.

Me: At least I'm wearing underpants UNDER the jimjams, right?

CS: You sure about that?

Me: DAMMIT. Okay, back to the house. For underpants. And big girl clothes. And then to the bank.

CS: Don't forget to put your shoes back on, there's snow on the ground and you forgot socks, too.

Me: I'm a GROWNUP.



(uncomfortable silence) …Please, Someone, Tell A Joke! — 4 Comments

  1. meh, pants are overrated. Plus, my jim jam pants are fuzzy. So, I may end up looking like I belong on people of walmart. I’m WARM in my coffee cup print jammy bottoms

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