Snow And Crazy And Public Jimjams

That's what today has been full of. I've been up since 4 am, and had a nap at 2, and now it's…almost 8? I haven't left the house, because I would need one of these to get around.


And this morning I was outside smoking I mean, admiring the snow, wearing my fleece jimjams and my skull print wellies, and there was a commotion! A commotion out in the courtyard! So I had to investigate, because I am VAIR nosy, and it turns out that one of my neighbors had gone to walk her dog, and had locked herself out of her apartment. So she went to Aw, An Old Man's apartment, and he had a LADDER. And so I tromped out and held the ladder so she could climb in her bathroom window, which is quite small and she showed some very impressive acrobatics whilst wedging herself in the window.

I swear, one of her legs was completely over her head.

So THAT was fun, and as soon as she was inside and able to unlock the door, all the neighbors who had gathered around to watch this Fun Adventure noticed, of course, that I was in my jimjams. IT WAS A SNOW DAY, PEOPLE. I was ALLOWED to be in my – you know what? Never mind. Of course I was in my jimjams. 

So the rest of the day was spent exploring that new Google Buzz thing that wants to be Twitter but isn't, and I started to get a leeeeetle stir-crazy, and I think I have a touch of Cabin Fever, and my car is TOTALLY plowed in, and AMG, everything is just weird weird weird and how did it get to be 8:00 and I am losing it just a little and I needed to vent that. 

Please keep fingers crossed that I can dig my car out tomorrow, because I've GOT TO GET OUT OF THIS APARTMENT ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH. 


Snow And Crazy And Public Jimjams — 3 Comments

  1. oh hey! i have cabin fever too! i just laughed until i gave myself a pain over SOMETHING I READ AT NPR.ORG. granted, the monkey see blog is pretty funny, but laughing for 5 minutes and giving yourself a stitch? insanity peppers. (oh and by the way: i’m only not in my pajamas right now because they’re in the wash as we speak so i can put them on again later.)

  2. “So she went to Aw, An Old Man’s apartment, and he had a LADDER.”
    I love that you call him that. LOVE IT!
    And…I looked at Google Buzz for ten seconds before hating for trying to be Facebook. And I decreed that I would not be using it.

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