Jersey Girls Are Doing It For Themselves

Ya know, I've had it up to here with Jersey girls being the butt of the joke. Granted, with shows like MTV's "Jersey Shore" some Jersey girls aren't exactly helping the cause, but for the most part, we are very independent, strong chicks, and I have a story to tell to prove my damn point. 

SO. It snowed yesterday. It snowed and snowed and snowed, and – wait a minute, we all know that I do all of my outside adventures in my jimjams, right? I mean, this isn't new for anyone, right? So when I tell the story, just picture it in your heads. Fleece jimjams. Motorcycle jacket. Skull-print wellies. And a jaunty red hat. You know, typical winter wear.

I had to dig out my car. Since I have no husband or boyfriend to do manly things like, say, DIG OUT THE DAMN CAR FROM ELEVENTY FEET OF SNOW, I had to do this by myself. And I DID. I didn't call my daddy, I didn't beg a neighbor, hell, I didn't even ask the woman whose ASS I shoved through a WINDOW yesterday to help a sister out. Nope, I dug out that car all on my own. But of course, I had to do it my way, and as we all know, my way is the crazy way. 

I don't own the needed equipment to dig a car out of the snow. Sure I have one of those little ice scraper thingies, but that was IN the car, and the car was totally IN the snow, so it wasn't doing me any good. What I DO own is a broom. And it was that broom that "dug" out the car. 

I can only imagine what I looked like, in my pajamas and wellies, sweeping FEET of snow from off and around the car. I can only imagine what the neighbors thought. What I do NOT have to imagine is what the neighbors DID. Which was laugh.


But three shifts later, I had the Kia out of my parking spot, and free of snow. All by my damn self. Because Jersey girls may be loud, and crazy, and wear our pajamas in public, but goddammit, we can dig out a car from a blizzard if need be. 

Don't think I haven't ruled out the whole idea of a mail order husband, though. That shit was brutal.


Jersey Girls Are Doing It For Themselves — 5 Comments

  1. I can picture this too. And btw, when I lived in Massachusetts, I paid the little neighborhood brats $10 to dig my car out for me. I am independent, yes. But I also hate snow.

  2. A broom?! I’d say buy a shovel, but then it will NEVER snow again. Thankfully, I’ve got a man who unearths my car when it needs it. But we haven’t had eleventy feet of snow here in YEARS, so…you know. It’s just eleventy inches.

  3. Nick was in Houston for the entire snow storm and after. So… I was alone in clearing off both cars… and digging out our driveway. Ugh. And, um… I also did the digging in my pjs with boots and my down jacket. But we have a shovel.
    : )
    Don’t ask me how to work the snowblower though. I have no idea.

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