Stop and Shop and STOMP

So I went to Stop and Shop to buy important items today. Okay, I was buying seltzer water and peapods. Yeah, that's the life of a bachelorette, baby!! Aren't you jealous? I knew you WERE!

SO I'm wearing one of my MANY pairs of insanely high boots, and these boots make a VERY loud clicking sound when I walk. This is me at the store: "CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICKCLICKCLICK"

I would make a terrible ninja. You'd always hear me coming.

So I make my purchases, and go home. Immediately, I get on the computer, of course, and this happens on Twitter:

A Madison Mom :@missbanshee I just saw you at Stop and Shop! I think. I couldn't force myself to yell at you across the store though in case it wasn't you.

MissBanshee :@amadisonmom AGH!!!!! DID I LOOK OKAY? WAS I CUTE???? (omg, kidding, kidding)

A Madison Mom:@missbanshee I almost turned my cart around to chase you down the (omg already????) Easter aisle.

Miss Banshee:@amadisonmom you TOTALLY should have chased me down. I don't even have mace.

A Madison Mom:@missbanshee And… the clicking of heels in the food store??? My shoes would have been too embarassed to meet your shoes.

Miss Banshee:@amadisonmom heehee, those shoes are SO LOUD. I am so obnoxious.

A Madison Mom:@missbanshee I don't know about obnoxious… but you sure walk with confidence through the food store. : )

Miss Banshee:@amadisonmom I AM BLOGGING THIS RIGHT NOW.

A Madison Mom: @missbanshee ACK! Next time I will totally chase you down.

So there you have it. I cannot go to the grocery store without getting recognized for my insanely loud shoes and my "walking with confidence." This is hilarious to anyone who has ever met me, because I do not "walk with confidence." I STOMP. I walk like I am on the CATWALK, BABY. Because I am a freak of the first nature.

Oh, and AMadisonMom? You're vair, vair lucky I was wearing that long pleather jacket, cause my pants? Were TOTALLY falling down. OF COURSE THEY WERE.

See that glare? Add in "CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK STOMP STOMP STOMP" and you'll never again wonder why I get recognized. I am SO SUBTLE.  


Stop and Shop and STOMP — 2 Comments

  1. Ok, I am LOVING this new pic of you! You look faaaabulous, dahling!
    Also: a little sad that the only local bloggers I know live way the hell on the other side of town and would probably never see me at the grocery store.

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