the Bachelor: We’re Finally Done With This Crap Recapapalooza

Okay, y'all. Today you get linky-loos to MamaPop stuff I wrote, because I am full of emotions, and they make me vair vair tired, so please and thank you go read the recaps because I worked ever so hard on them and the most important fact of all is that THE BACHELOR SEASON IS OVER, so I will (maybe) stop shilling my other writing so much. Probably not. But that's just the way things are. OKAY. We'll do this in order:

6a00d8341c5d9653ef0120a7eb1081970b  Here is the last Bachelor episode recap, wherein Jakey makes his decision, and the world says "Meh."

Here is the "After the Final Rose" reunion show wherein we see where they are now, and meet the new Bachelorette, Oh JOY.

And HERE is the first recap I ever did of The Douchelor (final episode last season) wherein I coin the name "The Douchelor" and we meet Jason and Molly, whose wedding (barf) I will be recapping for MamaPop next week. 

And HERE is the archive of all my recaps of The Bachelor: On The Wings of Love, which I wrote under the influence of way too many energy drinks and the crack cocaine contained within said drinks.

Real blog entry later, my beloved little squirrels. 


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  1. “Have I ever mentioned that I have a phobia of underwater photography? It’s true, it makes me claustrophobic and I always think a giant ocean beast will jump into frame.”
    AH MAH GAH! I thought I was the only one!!!!!!
    Water levels in video games are worse for me, but for the same reason…ick.

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