NEW MOON Recap: A Directory — 3 Comments

  1. That right there? That was awesome.
    Thank you so much for saving me $20 and from wasting 2 hours of my life. I didn’t like the book, I knew I wouldn’t like the movie other than shirtless scenes, and those are all over the internet without having to sit through the stupid.
    Millions of us can’t get jobs, but Kristen Stewart gets paid obscene amounts to FAIL at acting. That is one cruel joke.
    You, my dear, are a treasure. Thanks for taking the hit for us.

  2. Excellent work. I am sending a link to this to some of my usually-intelligent-but-they-love-love-Kristen-Stewart friends.

  3. And? That was awesome! And hysterical. I was actually laughing out loud at the ‘Captain Sparkle’ and Glitterbritches references (and my typing is for crap today. This is major because my grandma is dying so there isn’t a lot to laugh about right now. It wasn’t what you were going for but you know? It was just what I needed.
    And yes, I am eagerly anticipating Eclipse.

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