Stewie Joins The Health Care Debate

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Geddit??? Stewie have FLOOR??? I SO FUNNY SOMETIMES!

Stewie here to weigh in (at 18.7 pounds, MIGHTY!) on Health Care Reform Debate. So you ready, beans, cause Stewie here to school you.

Health care broken. Need to be fixed. President man trying to fix broken thing, lots of people say he doing it wrong. Is he doing it wrong? Dunno, he hasn't done it yet.

Stewie not know much, but he know dis. Yelling and screaming when you big grown up beans not best way to get things done. Make you look SILLY. Also calling people bad names is very very naughty and you go to naughty corner if you do dat. Stewie do not want name-calling.

So Health Care Reform. There few things Stewie know. Stewie know Grandmama HATE everything having to do with health care reform. She say in LOUD VOICE she don't like, say we all DOOOOOOOOOMED. Stewie also know that Mama say give President Man a chance to actually DO what he trying to do. Maybe work? Maybe not! Can't tell until you TRY. So Grandmama and Mama yell about it at dinner a LOT and boy oh boy Stewie glad he eat his kibble in PEACE at HOME and not at Grandmama's where there is yelling.

Stewie also think Tim Russert sorely missed in all dis. Stewie miss ol' Russ. He cut through crap. He very, very missed. Stewie think Tim would figure all dis out on Sunday teevee. 


Glad we had dis talk, beans. Can we get back to good thing like Mama's pants falling down or awesome thing Stewie do or how mama cuckoo in head? Cause dat more fun to write about.

 POLITICS MAKE STEWIE TIRED!  Go stare at wall now.

OKAYBYE, beans! Hope you all start getting along again, you all fight like cat and dog! HAHAHAAHAHAHAH STEWIE SO FUNNY!


Stewie Joins The Health Care Debate — 14 Comments

  1. When I tweetered yesterday about how Ghandi would have smacked all these politicians in the head? Man. Tim would have punched them in the nose, but all nicely-like. A verbal nose punching. I miss Tim, too. He was a Red Sox fan, like us.
    Also: I don’t even ATTEMPT to talk about politics with my family, because they’re all wackadoos, man. My parents are cool, and my sisters, but the rest of them are like pod people. I mean, my god, they are YANKEES FANS. Can you IMAGINE trying to debate with them?

  2. My cat Beaumont has respiratory issues. He wants to know when there will be universal healthcare for pets. He SHALL NOT SLEEP until all kitties & doggies are… well, ok, no. He’ll sleep. Like, right now.

  3. Stewie, I think you’re right… about the yelling, and the name-calling, and especially Tim Russert. Wish he were here with his dry erase board to help everyone understand.

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