Dancing With The Stars Recap: I’m Being Punished For Something….



You can click HERE or on the picture to get to the recap. And yes, it's long. Not as long as the New Moon stuff, but it's…LOVINGLY THOROUGH. It is NOT, as my mother said, WAR AND PEACE LONG. My mother has a penchant for the dramatic, just like her daughter. 

Thanks so much for plowing through the long stuff, guys! I REALLY appreciate it. I promise, not everything I write will be a gigantic TOME. (although when I get a good rainy Saturday, I'll recap the first Twilight movie, promise.) And we've got 11 more freaking weeks of Dancing with the Bloody Stars, so that'll be over at MamaPop. 

That's all! Just some site bizness! Carry on, my beloved little squirrels!

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