Third Time’s A Charm? Not Really

I've written two blogs tonight that I will probably never publish. One was a semi-disjointed complain-y bit about the dearth of community within the single/childless/female bloggers in the innerwebz that didn't really go in any acceptable direction, but maybe will in the light of day. Maybe I'll just ditch it. I just see the intricate communities within the Women Who Blog And Also Have Children (I don't use "the" word, I am friends with too many WWBAAHC, dudes. I know that word causes trouble.) If I had the skills (I do not) and the woman-power/money/resources (don't have that either) or a magic glitter unicorn fairy I'd make it happen for us singletons, but I don't, so complaining about it made for an entry that really had no POINT or CONCLUSION and it fizzled like so much flat Diet Coke. 

The other one was a psychotic rant about how much I hate myself, and is kind of an explanation of what bipolar does to a person and why my moods have been swinging like a big swinging thing lately,  and that's just tiresome, right? And I'll get oodles of trolls for it, and anonymous emails that shriek "ATTENTION WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE" and I am too old and too tired for that, frankly, and we ALL KNOW I'M CRAZY, no need to belabor the point. So that one will stay in draft form as well. 

At the same time, I am not a fan of censorship, and self-censorship is especially distasteful in my eyes, and I find myself doing too much of it,  so perhaps I'll flesh both of them out and publish them anyway. Or maybe not. Perhaps it's just self-preservation. I'm vair indecisive right now. 


God, woman, get on with…SOMETHING. 

Oh! Another thing I haven't talked about yet that I may or may not flesh out is my take on the Catholic church scandal and how *I* think the Pope should resign and maybe there will be a schism or the Church will IMPLODE and THAT'S not a controversial topic AT ALL, is it? I haven't done that one because it all keeps going into rants about how much I despised every single second of my all-girls Catholic high school and how the nuns almost drove me directly to the lunatic asylum and thank JEBUDDAH for long-haired rocker boys who would pick my ass up after school in bad cars and we'd go make out or something, cause THAT, friends, kept me sane. But that has nothing to do with the Pope scandal, so that one became ANOTHER rant that went nowhere other than blissfully remembering the days when two high schoolers could just make out for hours until their necks gave out, remember that? Those were the days. 

Which brings me back to the whole lack of community within the single ladies who are bloggers, and now we're back to the beginning and is your head swimming as much as mine is? 


The World: Oh no.

No, no, this is a good idea. Why don't YOU, yes YOU, hit the comments and tell me which of the three stories you want me to write about in a semi-coherent manner? One of them? Two of them? All of them? NONE of them? Hit me up in the comments, dudes, and YOUR WISH SHALL BE MY COMMAND. I am but a simple worker bee. Tell me what to write and I'll do it, just FOR YOU, my beloved little squirrels. 



Third Time’s A Charm? Not Really — 19 Comments

  1. Keep it real. (which you always do anyway) I think you should write about our friend, The Pope. But BEWARE. I simply wrote one snarky statement about him on my Facebook page, last week and it caused mutiny among my friends. I trust you’re “over” the loss in followers, you referenced earlier? πŸ™‚

  2. fwiw, i’ll read whatever you publish, because i lurve you. (standard non-stalker disclaimer here.) but i just wanted to add that some of us who are “the” word, at least technically, don’t always feel a whole lot of community either.
    but i like catholic school stories. i should tell you sometime about sister patrick and how she hated me.

  3. I am not enough in any blogommunity to know what “the” word references.
    Politely and selfishly asks: Glittery please write about bloggy stuff? (‘cuz I need a tour guide) Many thanks.

  4. I vote for Catholicism. Even though I never made out with boys in high school. (I was fat, shy, awkward & in the AP classes. The boys did not come a-runnin’. But hoo boy, once I got to college? I caught up with a vengeance.)

  5. I was in a Catholic nun-run all girl school too, and would like to hear more about that from you and your readers…My nemisis’ name was Sister Alice David, but I did love Sisters Celine and Philomena, and can still hear the word LIT-er-ature roll off Sr. Celine’s tongue, and still marvel at the memory of her terribly long eyebrow hairs as she wagged them over the story of Leningen and the Ants…

  6. Allow them all to percolate, my dear Banshee. There is fodder aplenty in all of them, and it may simply be that these topics have not sufficiently aged and ripened deep within your neurons. When they have, they will explode into the light like a blazing nova.
    In other words, I wanna see all of them eventually!

  7. I agree with Julia. This would make 3 new posts for us to read, of which I look forward to everyday. No matter the content, when you are writing, I am entertained. BUT, if you REALLY need a suggestion, I say Catholicism. Cuz that’s always fun. <3

  8. I’m interested in your take on what is publishable and what is not. What makes a good bloggy? I would read any of it, mind you, although in order of preference (1) your mind, (2) sense of community, and (3) the Pope; the last being the least interesting to me.

  9. I would be extremely interested in your post on what bipolar does to a person. My very soon to be 15 y/o daughter is bipolar and I am constantly looking for insight and ways to help her. Your posts about bipolar and your struggles and successes are so moving and so important. You have no idea how much they touch my heart.
    That being said, I like everything your write, so all three topics will be read with interest.

  10. I would specifically, selfishly like to hear about the first one, because I am one of those people who has been rambling around out here in the “life blogging” community (or whatever the kids are calling it these days) for five years and I am neither partnered nor a parent. I also just saw another community pop up yesterday that at first I thought was for ladies who blog in general but once I got there, WWBAAHC only. And it wasn’t even a group I’d feel comfortable in but I still felt all weird about it.
    These WWetc. also comprise a number of my closest friends in the world. So I am of them but not one of them. And I don’t know where I am sometimes, but dammit I know I’m here! πŸ™‚
    I pitched and was on a panel at BlogHer a few years ago about blogging without children but I vacillate about how much I want to make it central to my online life.
    And Stacy will vouch (because she is a good and faithful voucher) that I have tried to keep the conversation going with other like-minded souls so hopefully we can do that. Hopefully this year? I would be happy about that.
    And now I want to erase this whole comment because it is a ramble but I won’t.
    Secondly, I have been mulling over the whole Pope/church thing to write about myself because I, too, went to an all-girls’ high school as part of 14 years of Catholic education…Am now totally lapsed and finally know I can’t ever go back after years of being confused and weird about it, solely because there is some comfort I find in the ritual but there comes a time when you can’t justify the politics and the abuses in the name of something that once upon a time, before your eyes were opened, felt like a dysfunctional home.
    So, either. Or all. Go for it.

  11. All 3 are definitely interesting though I’d favor the Pope rant now since it’s Lent and even though I’m Catholic, I have a morbid fascination with what it’s going to take to make the consummate old boys’ club change to, I don’t know, the 1950s?

  12. The single/childless/female bloggers intrigues me because I admit, unless I am writing about SOMTHIN IMPORTANTS like animal abuse or on an assignment I just don’t feel like anyone wants to read my thoughts. Even though I love reading from you & Laurie, etc. And yet women with children don’t seem to have that problem…

  13. I am, of course, interested in your musings on the Catholic school experience, since I was there with you. I think the very nature of that post will give additional insight into your experiences as a bipolar teenager.

  14. I am interested in them all. I’d probably be most interested in the community one, because even though I’m one of THEM, I don’t feel like I’m really a part of the community. Also, I may have residual resentment against Catholic school girls, who always seemed to date the hot guys from my public high school.

  15. I can never seem to answer a question straight. Here is an example: I think it would be very interesting, and possibly useful to others, for you to explore the relationship you had with parents as you went through all the bipolar/rebellion of the teen years. And how can you separate the two? How can a parent tell whether a teen is normally rebelious or bipolar? Or is the proper response by the parent different for the two? I suspect that you could write on this subject forever and I suspect that I would read it all. If you aren’t ready to explore this subject at this time, then so be it. Perhaps later.

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