Actual Conversation: Getting Back To “Normal”

Common Sense: You know, I didn't appreciate that.

Me: YOU didn't appreciate that? I was a disaster! You were nowhere to be found!

CS: I was asleep! You put me to sleep like an old DOG.

Me: I didn't MEAN to, it was Dr. Douche's idea!

CS: So you didn't fare too well without me, eh?

Me: Oh don't get up on your high horse now, I was asleep for most of the time. And you don't exactly make it a habit of preventing me from walking into walls or falling down, so that didn't change either.

CS: *bats eyelashes* Did you miss me?

Me: I didn't realize you were gone! I didn't realize ANYTHING, don't you GET IT, I was doped to the GILLS, and had no CLUE as to what was going on!

CS: It was like when we were drunk all the time.

Me: But i I didn't WANT to be doped up. We WANTED to be drunk.

CS: Not all the time.

Me: WELL MOST OF THE TIME, don't lie, it makes the baby Jebuddah cry.

CS: Okay, we wanted to be drunk most of the time. But we didn't want this.

Me: No way.

CS: I am not happy with Dr. Douche.

Me: I'm going to kill him with FIRE.

CS: No you're not. We ARE going to have a very stern conversation with him.

Me: No we're not.

CS: YES WE ARE. You have to man up, girlie. Time to stand up to the doctor, look what he DID to you!

Me: Well he's a doctor and we're just a crazy person and what if he locks us up in the psych ward?

CS: He can't do that.

Me: He most certainly can! What if he says we're delusional and a threat to ourselves or someone else and puts us in the bin? I DON'T WANT TO GO TO THE BIN. 

CS: OMG, calm down, we are not going to the bin. 

Me: I said I would kill him with fire!

CS: You said it in an imaginary conversation on the computer. It doesn't count. 

Me: Ah mah gah, I'm going to the bin.

CS: YOU'RE NOT GOING TO THE BIN. You're having an argument with me, which means you're back to "normal." NO ONE IS GOING TO THE BIN. 

Me: Okay. No one who lives in my head is going to the bin. Good, I don't want to go to the bin.

CS: So we're back to normal?

Me: As normal as all of us get.

CS: Thank Jebuddah. 

Me: For realsies.


Actual Conversation: Getting Back To “Normal” — 3 Comments

  1. I don’t know if my last comment made it through. Quick recap: I <3 you...those of us on the meds that play with your head totally get it, and please go yell at your doctor. Or get a new one. And wear your boots if that helps. NOT your jimjams. šŸ˜‰

  2. Hey Miss B, it’s great to have you back. Your doc totally deserves an ass-kicking. Or at the very least, he deserves to watch your (covered?) bum walking out the door for the last time after a very severe and honest talking-to.

  3. Yikes, now that’s not really something I’ve ever worried about–getting put in the bin.
    I have been to the bin as a visitor often and I often thing–yeah, I kind of belong in here. But I make a serious effort to stay out.
    If you *genuinely* worry about this w/ your doctor you *have* to find a new doctor.
    I need to uncover my common sense. Your common sense has…a lot of common sense!

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