Listen. I know that I use swearing words and that I talk about falling down all the time and being batshit insane, but I like to think of myself as a woman of MANNERS, who happens to maybe USE THE CAPS LOCK A LOT, and oh boy, you'd BETTER GET USED TO IT, because it's going to be here a lot in this entry.

I am a LADY. I present myself as such, and I pride myself on being EXTREMELY POLITE even when the situation calls for SLAT KICKING. I was brought up to have MANNERS and good ones at that. So imagine my OUTRAGE when I found myself on the receiving end of some very POOR MANNERS. The outrage, I tell you. 

But! I'm not even going to give all the gory details, because I am what? A LADY, and even though I wear big boots and a lot of eyeliner and swear a blue streak and might just be a NUTTER I still know from being rude, and since I pale considerably and fall upon my fainting couch when people are rude (actually, I usually just burst into tears and run away, I'm a little fragile) I shall not STOOP TO THAT LEVEL and give the details of a situation wherein another person was VERY RUDE INDEED and I'm not having it, I tell you! I'm not having! It! 

Let's construct a HYPOTHETICAL SITUATION, shall we? We shall. In this hypothetical situation, plans between two people who had never met before were made. We'll call it a "date." This is all sheerly hypothetical, I remind you. So this "date" was planned after much conversation, and our heroine, who looked a HELL OF A LOT LIKE ME, put on her biggest boots and lots of eyeliner and went OH SO BRAVELY out of her apartment, INTO the car, DROVE the car to the destination, and INTERACTED with other human beings, which is a major event IN AND OF ITSELF.

So the "date" happens, and I will be (hypothetically) very polite and LADYLIKE, GODDAMMIT, and say that it didn't go very well. There simply was no chemistry between the two people. No one's fault, just a matter of compatibility, no harm, no foul, we all go about our business and chalk it up to experience, and hey, at least my hair looked really cute (hypothetically) and I was wearing my big boots, so I had the FORTITUDE needed to go on said "date" and at the end of the "date" I was EXTRAORDINARILY POLITE and we said our goodbyes, the end.

OH BUT THAT'S NOT THE END. I come home to find that this person has BLOCKED ME on the internet from interacting with him, even though I didn't do ANYTHING WRONG, and hey, perhaps I would have liked to have thanked him for dinner and BEEN A LADY but OH NO, I don't get that opportunity because I have been SHUNNED LIKE THE AMISH, and I did not appreciate that and listened to my Amanda Palmer album VERY LOUDLY because she is NOT a lady and sang all the swearing words that I am TOO POLITE to use. 

Of course this is all hypothetical. 

I looked CUTE, right? UN-believable.  


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  1. You look adorable! And that is VERY rude. Seriously, what is wrong with people these days?! I am sorry that happened. (Or would be, if it weren’t a HYPOTHETICAL situation, anyway!)

  2. Cute isn’t the word I’d use. I’d choose gorgeous, amazing, astoundingly beautiful or, perhaps, drop-dead-fabulous. Seriously.
    So, I have to conclude that this hypothetical person must have been hypothetically intimidated by your light-radiating beauty. And an idiot. And rude.

  3. UGH. That is so unbelievably CHILDISH. Said hypothetical dude is rude and not worth your hypothetical time.
    Instead of being hypothetically mature and saying “hmm, maybe we should just stick with being friends…”
    Good job with hypothetically looking HAWT and going out though. Especially after feeling so poorly last week.

  4. I have been blocked from Twitter by somebody because I didn’t want to be their Twitter friend (because they are ANNOYING). I only found out when I was trying to follow a convo… It’s a little pathetic isn’t it?

  5. You are better off not having to deal with such a cowardly man. How lucky that he showed his true colors so quickly. Additional pain avoided!

  6. I’m not sure I understand why being blocked from online interaction is so bad (or why, from the other side, it was so necessary). Did you know the datee for some time before this? It doesn’t sound like the date went badly enough to warrant that kind of reaction.
    It’s very nice that you wanted to thank him for the date, regardless of how it went. Back in my single days, I didn’t usually hear back from women I dated if it didn’t go well.
    You’re thoughtful and attractive, so I wouldn’t dwell on it. I’m sure it’ll disappear from your rear-view mirror in no time. Who knows? Maybe he’ll regret it even sooner.

  7. I recommend the song “The World is Full of Bastards” from the Mary Prankster album “Roullette Girl.” It’s short, punchy, tuneful, and deals with similar situations. Play it loud.

  8. Sorry but you are being ludicrously melodramatic. He blocked you on the internet? It’s not the best way to go about things but life goes on. Is it not also petty to be dedicating a blog post to moaning about this person’s behaviour? I guess the internet is SERIOUS BUSINESS, after all.
    p.s while you are pretty, I would recommend adopting a fringe.

  9. I feel for you. I’ve tried online dating and just had three horrible experiences in a row. Like you, I have health issues and it’s a big deal for me to go out just to meet someone too. My first date there was no chemistry, the guy was weird and kept trying to get me in his car when there was no reason to. The second called me 15 minutes before the date to tell me he had a girlfriend and was I “all right with that?” The third, was more painful. I had waited to meet him for 2 months and so I felt involved. The date seemed to go well, he extended the coffee date, we walked around, at the end he made another date. So like you wanted to, the next day I sent him a message thanking him, telling him I had a nice time. He messaged back, saying he’d be in touch. 10 days later-nothing. Finally 3 weeks later, I sent a message to him on the dating site and he deleted it without reading it. That ended my online dating. You look beautiful-I looked cute too. Only I’m in a really tough age group. I wish you the best of luck.

  10. what a total jerk this “a comentator on the internet” is.. and also this man… very rude…
    I mean… it’s just a date, it’s not like you totally broke his heart…it was only a date
    you looked gorgeous, as usual 🙂

  11. ah, online dating. so hard to connect with anyone this way I’ve found. but congrats for trying. as a guy I think your date was pretty small-minded to go so far as to block you, but who knows what happened at said date. I wouldn’t take anything that happens too seriously. after all, it is VERY random and the odds of clicking are going to be pretty slim. also, people often end up on dating sites for a reason.. difficulty relating to the opposite sex, low self esteem, etc.
    but.. you look really cute and I wish you better luck next time.

  12. He might have blocked you but I bet he reads this blog so tell him here. I mean like the story you just told that IS NOT YOU!!! 😉

  13. Gotta say that it isn’t terribly surprising. Had a woman gone a date with a guy with whom she had no chemistry, and then blocked him from interacting with her on whatever site, nobody would have thought twice about it, because she is female and just protecting herself from unwanted intrusion in the future.
    When I go on a date, and there is no chemistry (which is 8 out of 10 times), I am cordial, etc, but I remove that person from my phone contact list as there is no need to stay in contact.
    The date may have required a great deal of effort from you, but what he did was hardly weird or rude. He was simply closing the door to future interaction. Seems like a healthy thing to me. It isn’t fair to cast negative aspirations on him or call him out as a bad guy for it. Your rant says far more about you than him.

  14. Blocking would be appropriate if you’d spat in his drink and keyed his car. And I’m sure you did not do those things. I’m afraid he sent the message, “well, not going to get any, so forget her” by blocking you which, to my way of thinking, is crass and impolite.
    You can unfollow and not block, for heaven’s sake.

  15. (Not sure why people are on your case for ranting on your personal blog about your personal life… But what do I know?)
    I can see why this would feel like a slap in the face. It would be equivelant to a face to face encounter and having the the guy turn and walk away rather than be polite to your face. Not replying to your email/message or choosing to tell you “I’d rather not be in contact anymore” would have been much less insulting than actually barring you from contact. Good for you for getting out though!
    And: yes: cute!

  16. That is pretty damn rude. I can see not talking but blocking? A bit much there. Don’t waste the time on this dude. And you are almost u bearably cute. Won’t even go into your eyes heh.

  17. absolutely.
    OP, please note there is a massive contradiction here:
    “I am a LADY. I present myself as such…”
    and here, prior:
    “Listen. I know that I use swearing words and that I talk about falling down all the time and being batshit insane… who happens to maybe USE THE CAPS LOCK A LOT, and oh boy, you’d BETTER GET USED TO IT, because it’s going to be here a lot in this entry.”
    a lady takes this in stride.

  18. What is with the rude comments?!? This is YOUR blog and you get to post about what YOU want. If they don’t like it, it’s super easy to go read something else, or put the laptop down and watch tv or something.
    I cannot imagine why, after a nice, but non-chemistry date, you would get blocked fer cryin’ out loud! The man is a douche and you’re well rid of him!

  19. I disagree with the thought that auto-blocking isn’t rude. I think it’s very rude(regardless of the gender of the person doing it), and says volumes about the person doing the blocking.
    To assume that the person being blocked won’t be able to be adult-like about the date not working out, and not go all stalkery is a virtual slap in the face.
    Even after a badly gone date, it’s still polite to send a little thank you message to the other half of the date.
    By all means, if you get stalkery messages from someone, or they won’t get a clue, then you block them.
    But auto-block=rude, imho

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