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  1. I am so very sorry for your loss. One of my own cats is sitting right here by the desk right now trying to figure out why Mama is crying. Stewie is always going to be your special guy — the heart has a perfect memory. Take the time to mourn. Take care of yourself & Lulu.

  2. So so very sorry for your loss. One of my own cats is sitting nearby trying to figure out why I’m crying. Stewie is always going to be your special guy: the heart has a perfect memory. Take the time to grieve & mourn. Big hugs to you & Lulu.

  3. So Sorry. Be strong.
    I can tell from your writings that he was loved, had a good life and will be missed.
    I wish my first comment could be under better circumstances. I also want to say thank you for being here (there?) and sharing you life.

  4. I sit here crying for you both. I have had the same thing happen and i cannot tell you how very,very sorry I am for your huge loss. I wish I could reach out and hug you right now. I hope you do know that he brought alot of joy to your readers. If you need anything at all email me. We all loved Stewie and will miss him

  5. Oh, God. I’m so, so sorry. I know there very little more upsetting than losing a beloved pet. Rest In Peace, little man. Your mommy loved you so much.

  6. Oh, Miss B and Lulu…I am so sorry. Stewie, you were well-loved by your mama and a fine fellow of the highest order. You will be missed by many people.
    May his memory be for a blessing.

  7. my little boy is going to go soon, too – i already know that when he does, i’m making him a memorial page at the ASPCA site. he’s a shelter kitty, just like stewie – i hope millions & millions of ppl. keeping on finding their best friends in shelters just like the one where i found my frankie. here’s a link for anyone who might want to donate in memory of stewie –
    i’m not shilling for them – i just wanted to do something.

  8. Stewie was a special boy- he was well traveled, handsome-called a tuxedo cat and that means handsome cuz who doesn’t look great in a tux- he was loving and tho not the brightess card in the deck, he was a love of a kitty. He will be missed but is now romping thru the woods in our back yard with our beloved Crackers and Ophie- RIP Stewie

  9. Oh, I’m so so so sorry for you. I’m tearing up for you, for Stewie and for my Clyde for whom I made the same decision 3 years ago. Biggest hugs to you and Lulu.

  10. I mourn the loss of such a beautiful kitty. May he rest peacefully. He was loved, he knows he was loved and will be greatly missed. Take care Miss B.

  11. (i think typepad ate my comment, so here goes)
    i feel so sad for you. this is hard for me to even imagine because our own cat is moving more into the senior category, and i have no idea how i’ll manage when the time comes for us.
    love & comfort to you.

  12. I am so very sorry for your loss. Unfortunately, I have been in your shoes with my sweet Charlie about 6 months ago. (And I have one who is 14 and one who has an incurable virus, so I know it will be happening again sooner rather than later.) I know your heart is broken, but PLEASE don’t blame yourself. Cats hide how bad they feel so well, it’s hard to tell that they are sick at all until they’re very very sick. Stewie was a very special boy, and I know that he was well loved and will be missed fiercely. I’m just so sorry, Danielle. I don’t understand why this happened and I wish there was something I could do to help.

  13. I’m so sorry. There’s nothing else to say except that you will be in my thoughts.
    Stewie, enjoy Rainbow Bridge until your beloved Danielle comes along many years from now. Greet IrisKitty for me, will you?

  14. I am so sorry. *hugs* He was lucky to have you as his mommy and to have felt all the love you had for him. Nothing makes a kitty happier than being loved beyond reason, and that’s what you did for him. But I am so sorry he is gone so young. That is just not fair.

  15. I’m so sorry about your little Stewie, honey. It was only Feb 10th that my oldest sweetie Pedro passed away….we had her for 19 years, and I can attest to how sad it felt and still feels now. I’ve never had any other loss like that in my life…and it was the saddest thing I’ve ever seen, my little sweetheart passing away in my arms.
    I’m sorry, girl. He must have been a wonderful little companion, and he must have known how much he was loved.

  16. Shit.
    I get so emotional over our furry babies. I really loved your Stewie! I never met him (or you) But I know he was a super kitty!

  17. I’m so sorry for the late reply. I’m behind in my blog reading.
    I’m so sorry about Stewie. If he was anything like your portrayed here, he was genuinely a stupendous cat. We will all miss him.
    I just found out this week that one of my cats is kidney failure (which is why I’m behind in blog reading), and we face losing him within the next year. I know how you are feeling and just how devastating this loss is. Especially when we have emotional issues that keep us isolated, the loss of our pets are triply hard.
    Again, I’m so sorry to hear about Stewie.

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