A Final Goodbye From Stewie

Oh beans. It's me, Stewie, and I come to you from the great cat tree in sky (much better than one Mama had, she CHEAP!) If you reading dis, dat mean Stewie gone now, but don't worry about ME. I was a very good kitty even though I was very bad (very very bad) and I go to good place now where I can get all the olibes oloves OLIVES I WANT. You may be wondering, Stewie, you not around anymore, how you write blog? Well Stewie can be MAGIC NOW. Stewie was so sick, knew it was just matter of time, and now he speak to you from GRRRREAT BEYOND. 

So don't be sad for Stewie, Me had it real bad at the end there, and now nothing hurts anymore and I can do anything Stewie want! When Stewie want to eat shoe, he eat shoe. When he want Olibes instead of boring old kibble, there nothing but oblives as far as eye can see. Stewie finally go through closet to NARNIA, it nice here. And no one shoo Stewie out of Narnia closet! I have it pretty good nao, you see, beans?

But Stewie worried about Mama. What Mama do without ME? She left with boring old Lulasmell, but Stewie tell you little sekrit now that Lulu can't INTERRUPT or BITE Stewie on LEG. Lulu give Mama lots of lovin, headbutts and kisses and stuffs. So Mama have Lulee to keep company, and someday when Mama ready she get new boy cat grow up to be MIGHTY LIKE STEWIE, YAY!!!!!! But not as good as Stewie, NO KITTEN THING EVER as good as Stewie, cause you know beans. You know. Stewie bestest cat in whole widest of worlds. I KNOW DIS YOU KNOW DIS EVERYBUDDY KNOW DIS.

Is common knowledge.

So goodbye, hooman beans, and take care of my mama for me. She so sad right now, she cry all the time, she blame herself, say she could have done more to save Stewie BUT THAT NOT TROO. Mama and Dr. K do everything they could do, and Stewie just too sick to be with all you silly beans anymores. It happen fast, ZOOM! And now Stewie feel aaaaaaaaaaaall better and is in good place where he very very happy. But he miss Mama, and even Lulasmell, so you beans take care of dem, okay? Okay.

OKAY I GOTS STUFF AND THINGS TO DO NOW. You beans be good, take care of each other, hug your cats lots, and even dogs IF YOU THAT KIND OF BEAN. Honestly, Stewie not know what you beans thinking sometimes. 

Remember, my beans. STEWIE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

So long for now! We meet again someday!

LOVE STEWIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

PS: Mama not too good at taking care of herself, so you beans helps her? She so sad. Stewie wish he could fix, but can't nao. Watch out for Stewie's mama, she good bean, love Stewie SO much. Stewie know dis for sure. Okaybye, Stewie miss you!!!!!!



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  1. I cannot stop crying over Stewie.I lost my cat a few years ago(THE MIGHTY MOMEZ!!) and this just makes me think of him.Same thing,there was nothing I could do,played the wouldacouldashoulda game and still feel sad.When the time comes to get another little kitty please let me know as I would like to help with the costs of adopting a kitty.Please take care of yourself and Lulusmell as she may not show it(being so regal and queenly) but she is missing the great olive eater too.Much interwebby XOXOXO

  2. You’ll be missed Stewie…but it’s good to know you have an endless supply of olives in Narnia.
    Hugs to your Mom and Lulu.

  3. when I woke up in the middle of the night in my customary manner, I thought of Stewie and whether or not he might write from cat heaven despite his mama being a LAPSED catholic…and I got my answer this morning when I read his message from Beyond the Closet…A very sweet message too,and I’m glad he wrote one last time.

  4. Thanks for your final thoughts Stewie! We will miss hearing all about your closet and oblive exploits. And we’ll take care of your mama for you. Like you said, she a good bean.
    Miss B, that was a beautiful farewell. I can’t stop the tears from falling. Your baby boy knows how much you love him and he won’t ever be in any pain ever again. It hurts, I know but take some comfort in knowing that you did right by Stewie. Big internetty hugs to you and Lulu.

  5. Stewie, I hope I meet you on the other side. Say hi to Sapphire, Clovis, and Bijan, ok? Clovis has the same coloring as you. xoxoxoxoxo…

  6. Hey Stewie, say hi to Neptune (cat) and Zeus (rat) for me. Zeus is blind so be easy on him. We promise to take care of your momma so do not worry. Just eat those olives!

  7. Sobbing now and don’t know what else to say except I’ll miss you Stewie. You were the coolest, man. Find my Charlie and have a ball up there. Y’all are a lot alike. Teach him the ways of the olive and he’ll show you how he taught an entire family how to always leave the kitchen sink running because he was TOO SPECIAL for a stinking water bowl.
    Thinking about you, mama. I’d give you a hug and pat your back while you cry if I could. I guess sending healing energy/white light/good vibes/lots of love/whatever your way will have to do.

  8. Hey Stewie — when you get tired of the cat tree, Grimalkin’s out in the meadow chasing moffs. He was the greatest moff chaser evar. You’ll have lots of friends to play with out there. And don’t worry about us crying when we read your last message — some of us just leak. A lot, often. In pain and hurt, but also in sympathy for your momma and remembering when our own friends had to leave. We love you and your momma, and hope she knows it.
    [If you want to tease Grimmy, he lived with nerds. We called the biggest moff he ever caught Grand Moff Tarkin. Let him know you know, and you can get into the most excellent playfight. But he pulls his punches.]
    Oh, Miss B., I know it’ll be really hard for a while. Please know that if I had a way to coast jump I’d be there for you in a heartbeat. Take care of yourself & Lulu.

  9. My heart goes out to you, Miss Banshee. You are a great cat mama. Stewie was lucky to have you as his bean. You are a good bean.
    And what the hell is it about olives that makes kitties go crazy with love??? Mine love them, too. Bizarre.
    *hugs* from the internet.

  10. I lost my dog, Oreo, suddenly and in much the same way. It really does break your heart, and I’m so sorry. I’ll miss reading Stewie’s brilliant blogs–the world has lost one of its great writers. =)
    The thought that helped me most (even though it still hurt like crap, and nothing was a magic fixer-upper) was that Oreo, like Stewie, was a shelter animal, and we gave her a good life and loved her SO MUCH. You did the same for Stewie.
    He could not have found a better mama than you, and someday when you’re ready for another kittycat, that cat will be the luckiest four-legged creature on the planet to get to come home with you and be loved like a hoomin bean baby.
    Don’t blame yourself, either. I did, for a while, too, thinking that I should have somehow intuited that Oreo had cancer, even though there were absolutely no signs of it (hemangiosarcoma is evil and sneaky that way). How could you have known that Stewie had a similarly evil, sneaky illness? The truth is that you couldn’t have, because the world is shitty enough that sometimes bad things happen to good animals, even the best animals.
    I know it’s really hard, but you’re an especially resilient human being. You’ll get through this, slowly but surely. Big hugs!

  11. when i think of all the wonderful furry friends i’ve lost over the years, i know you must be having fun eating olives and meeting all of them, stewie. i hope your mama knows you’ll visit her like a little ghostie kitty. headbutts from heaven.
    ~holly (who is a crazy bean cuz she has 2 chihuahuas)

  12. Not fair. I found you (this blog) yesterday and today you’re gone. You make me remember my own darlings, who have passed.
    I’m crying now, I miss them….and I know your Hooman misses you.
    Ever seen a kitty with wings? Look in the mirror darlin’.

  13. Stewie – even though I am still crying over this post, I am glad you took the time to say goodbye. As much as you will be missed, I’m happy that you feel better now. I’m also happy that you went someplace full of good things like awesome cat trees, magical closets and olives. Most of us silly beans can only hope for the same happiness when we go! The Internet will do our best to take care of Mama and Lulu for you. We’re sending all kinds of hugs, positive energy, love and good vibes right this very minute…I have a sneaking suspicion that we will all meet again on The Other Side. Until then, have some more olives.

  14. Oh Miss Banshee…where to begin.
    Thanks to @ebertchicago, I discovered your blog today. My heart went out to you straight away…and then I read your recent tweets regarding Stewie.
    I lost Havanna very quickly in January…almost the same symptoms. She lost weight so fast…and her sister Teeger was finishing off both their bowls, so I didn’t even notice she had stopped eating. It turned out she had the trifecta: Inflamed bile ducts, Inflamed intestines and liver damage.
    The vets and I tried desperately for 2 weeks to save her. She was with me on New Year’s Eve – with me, her sister, and 2 close friends. That was such a special day, and I let myself hope that the treatments were working. But as the evening went on, she got worse…on January 1st I took her to the clinic for the last time. We spent our last hour together on January 5th. While the vet was with us, I asked him what he would do if she were his cat. I needed him to tell me it was ok to let her go, that we had done everything, EVERYTHING possible, and that I wasn’t being a bad kitteh mommy by letting her go to sleep. Instead, he told me to try one more day. I woke up with a start at 8am the next morning, and I knew she was gone. Sure enough, I got the call soon after.
    Miss Banshee, I’m going to repeat what many on here have already said – even though I don’t know you at all. I am sure you did everything you could. You are not at fault. I am sure, from what I’ve read so far, that you were and are a fabulous and loving kitteh mommy.
    Along with all the other kitties up there, I’m sure Havanna was there, too, to say: O HAI! Who are you nao? O you be Stewie? For sum reezon I haz olibes…do u haz mah squishee ballz?
    I won’t lie…it still hurts so, so much. Her sister Teeger still misses her, too. We sleep together now all the time…before, she let her sister Havanna have the spot. We take care of each other…just like I know you and Lulu are doing for each other right now.
    Big <3 from France...

  15. MissBanshee: My deepest condolences on your loss. There aren’t any words that truly do justice to the experience of saying goodbye to a furry family member. You’ll be in my thoughts.

  16. Oh, Miss B. I’m a complete stranger, but I’m sitting here just bawling for poor Stewie and sending you internet hugs. Hopefully Stewie will meet up with Phoebe and Katie, who, although they are dogs, are actually smaller than him, and will be very nice to him, as they believed they were, in fact, cats themselves. *hugs!*

  17. Poor Stewie’s Mama, Stewie is out of reach from pain and sickness now. He is in good company with a pretty girl named China who passed a few weeks before him. She will show him the ropes (and bite him on the butt when he isn’t looking). Sorry to you Stewie’s Mama, try to feel better soon 🙁

  18. Dear Stewie-
    I am glad that you let us know that you are OK. If you see a really confused cream tabby named Dustin, take him under your wing. Don’t worry about the confuzzled look; he looked that way his whole time on Earth. You guys can have roll-over contests and snugglefests.

  19. Dear Stewie,
    Don’t worry about your mama. We beans will take care of her. You left some pretty big shoes to fill, and none of us will ever forget you.
    Unconditional love is something kitties like you do lots better than us beans sometimes, but we get it right when we have an example like yours to follow.
    Thank you for sharing your love for green olives, Narnia closets and your mama and sister Lulu with us. You made people laugh and there’s no better gift than that.
    Enjoy the cat tree in the Narnia sky, bud. Don’t worry about your mama, she’s a tough Jersey chick and she has lots of us beans for when she misses you. And I’m sure she knows you’re with her always.
    Lots of love and head scritches,
    P.S. Murphy and Ty also wanted to say thanks for your entry about the snuggie. They now have their very own. Your legacy lives on.

  20. Have fun Steuben! I’ll always miss the best special needs kitty in the world. Thanks for letting me pick you up even though you were so heavy.

  21. Oh man, I was gone this weekend and I’m just now catching up. I am so, so sorry. I know Stewie was your baby, and as someone who’s lost a pet, I know how awful it is. It sucks beyond measure.
    On the up side, a cat couldn’t ask for a much sweeter deal than to have a doting Crazy Cat Lady for a mama. Stewie might not have been around long enough, but he had a damn good run while he was here.

  22. I’m one of those weird dog people who has lost my babies and now lives in a frighteningly human-only situation. I am so sorry Stewie and Mama too. It is the worst to say goodbye for awhile no matter how many olibes await. We get so used to each other, we must find a way to fill in the gaps. Hopefully for you Mama it is with many hugs from people who love you, even those of us on the Internets.

  23. I am so sorry. It is so obvious that you loved Stewie and gave him such a good life. And that is always, ALWAYS, enough.
    Be kind to yourself. Know that there are lots of people mourning with you and sending you love.

  24. Dear Stewie — I hope you can read this. Do they have the Internet in Narnia? I hope so. Anyway. I wanted to tell you a secret. There is this cat named Owen with pretty green eyes, and he is new in Narnia, but not quite as new as you. Maybe together you can look for a nice old lady named Nan Riley? She leaves saucers of cream and beer and anchovies and olives out for her kitty friends, and long as you sit in her lap once in a while and let her skritch your ears, she will take good care of you until your Mama gets there. I promise. You be good in Narnia, Stewie, but not too good or we’ll know you’re up to something. Lulasmell and us beans, we’ll take care of your Mama. Deal?

  25. I snuggled my guys a little more than usual this weekend. I put down that book when Spoon jumped up next to me for some love. I laid down my laptop when Daisy forced her way onto my lap. I know I won’t have them forever, and I want to love them as much as I can while I can …. which is what you did for Stewie. Please take care of yourself … and snuggle lots with your Lulu

  26. Oh Stewie. I’m so glad you aren’t hurting anymore. My Delenn had cancer last year, and its been a year since she had to leave. When you see her up there, please tell here we still miss her. She’s a bit shy, but loves sunbeams. And ice cream. Many hugs and chin scritches to you both!
    Oh Miss Banshee. I’ve been a lurker, found you thru Roger Ebert on twitter. Lots and lots of hugs for you.

  27. Awww…Stewie…you made me cry, and nothing makes me cry! *shakes fist at Stewie’s ghost*.
    But Miss Banshee, let me tell you, none of this is your fault. It’s amazing how fast these things happen. I swear just a month ago my Casey was so fat he waddled, and then I looked up he was skin and bones and stumbling around. If I’d known how sick he was, he’d have been to the vet days earlier, but I didn’t know, just like you didn’t know with Stewie. We don’t have magical eyes that can look inside our pets and just *know*. So don’t beat yourself up. Stewie understands, and all of us understand. As my novice mistress used to say, “Be gentle with yourself.”. I think Mr. Stewie would agree with that advice.
    And Mr. Stewie? When my Casey comes up to Kitty Heavan to be with you later this year, be nice to him and give him a nice welcome, won’t you? Because he’ll be lonely without us down here, and he’s sort of a nervous cat who doesn’t like new places. So help him adjust, will you?

  28. Awww. Beautiful post. Found this reading MissB’s tweetstream.
    Sounds like Stewie is a kitteh of great awesomeness.
    Hugs & olives,

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