Lulu’s Health: Or, I’m Under The Couch

Many of you have asked, very kindly, if Lulu also has FELV. Well, the short answer is…I don't know. I'll be honest, I've been terrified to bring her to see Dr. K, figuring the whole "ignorance is bliss" thing works quite well and is completely underrated, but now that I'm not ALWAYS crying, and a little bit more stable, I can at least talk about it without snotting all over the keyboard.

I need to get Lu tested for FELV as soon as possible. But I have houseguests today and tomorrow, and what a wonderful excuse not to bring her in! I know, I KNOW I'm a horrible person. But we're going next week, because I'm already looking on for possible kitten babies to bring home, but if Lulee has FELV, I obviously can't adopt, so it'll be just her and me, two lovely ladies hanging out for as long as I have her. 

But don't count Lulu out, man. She's so full of spite and headbutts that she can fight anything, (but won't, because she's a LADY) and as of today she isn't acting sick in the slightest, so there IS a possibility that she isn't infected. I really need all the good mojo you guys can throw at me regarding her, okay? Please? If I lost them both, well…I don't know what I'll do. 

I realize I don't talk a lot about Lu on the blog, and that's because she is vair independent and rather aloof, unless she decides it's time for loving, and then she's just the squishiest lovebug ever, actually much moreso than my Stewie ever was. He was always too busy getting into trouble to snuggle. But Lulu has been with me for 10 years, and is my constant companion, my fatty fatty 2×4, my little princess, and I love her as fiercely as I (still) love Stewie. And if she's sick, it will shatter me, but again, as of now I'm not getting any doomy feelings about her, and she seems healthy as anything. So we'll find out next week. 

In the meantime, she is LIVING IT UP, MAN. I am spoiling the SHIT out of her. And you can't stop me. She's a singleton now, just like her Mama, (oh, sorry, her "human biped food slave") and she's adjusted really well. Too well, in fact. She's getting the stinky wet food every day now, (unheard of!) and she has the whole place (which is as clean as it could possibly be, due to my Crazy) even though she's content with the big chair and snoozing the day away when she's not YELLING AT ME for food. So as of today, Lulu is fine. We'll know more next week. 

One of these days I'll stop talking about the cats, I promise. But again, I'm the mama, and I've already lost my little man, I don't know what I'll do if I lose Lulu too. So I try to not think about it. My head is firmly in the sand. How incredibly mature of me. Not.

I don't know how much I'll be around for the next few days, so there might not be a blog tomorrow, but don't worry, I'll be back wicked soon with tales from Girls Night In/Sleepover extravaganza. 

Oh, I've also been taking countless pictures of Lulu, and I swear girlfriend is POSING for them. Check it.

Lulu 008
Could she look more bored? Yeah, she's over the whole camera thing, methinks. 



Lulu’s Health: Or, I’m Under The Couch — 12 Comments

  1. I had a FELV + kitty in my house (unknown to me- similar circumstances to yours).Long story short, I didn’t know it until he was ill. Trouble was, he lived with my other cats for 5 or 6 years symptom free exposing them to danger. I was FREAKING OUT when he got sick. All was well though, my other kitty’s were all ok. I hope your Lulu is well. Thankfully just living with another cat does not necessarily mean that she was infected. Have a fun visit with friends and TRY not to worry too much (yeah right ;0P)

  2. lulu might possibly be the most beautiful girl in the world…but don’t tell MY little girl, because 1) the judges still haven’t made a determination, and 2) i’d never live it down. worst case scenario, lulu is tied for first place in the Gorgeous Girl competition 🙂

  3. FWIW, Lulu (and any kitty you bring home in the future) CAN be vaccinated against FeLV. I don’t know all the details, I’m not a cat person, and I suspect there is some reason it isn’t a standard vaccine. But it’s worth asking the vet about it…..
    And fingers crossed for Lulu to keep being happy and healthy.

  4. I so hope your LuLu is alright! I lost my two old kitties (in my arms) exactly two month apart & it took me a while to recover! Now my old dog is not doiing too well either. I feel for you Missy, I really do! My vet told me that cats respond to loss & sorrow through their organs, so if she is improving & eating OK now, maybe she was depressed over your mutual loss. Love her a lot & baby her & I bet she recovers fine. I’ll light a candle for her & one for you too. May she stick around for many years yet to come!
    Have a fun visit.

  5. Miss B: In relation to LuLu possibly having Feline Leuk, let me just say this. I had a friend with two Feline Leuk positive cats. One only lived about a year after diagnosis. Like Stewie, one day he just started losing weight, and a week later he was gone.
    The other, though, live for 10 friggen years! Yes, 10! She never seemed to manifest the illness although she tested positive multiple times. She finally died of plain old age at the age of almost 20.
    So, even if LuLu tests positive, it doesn’t mean she’s going to go join Stewie next week. OKAY? Just take things one day at a time and tell the soomsayer voices in your head to just shut the hell up (I know, easier said than done, mine nag me through all my nagging of them).
    *hugs* I’ve been thinking of you and Stewie and LuLu since I read about it. I’ll be sending some healing energy for you and LuLu while you grieve.

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