Troll Me All You Want But Leave My Cat Out Of This

I'm interrupting my time with my houseguests to address a comment I received about the last blog regarding Lulu's health. 

I have a few things to say before I share this comment with you. For one, I'm hopping mad, and I probably shouldn't even be writing this right now, but I'm crazy and god knows what I'll do at ANY MOMENT. For another, I take my Lulu's health EXTREMELY seriously (I thought I made that extremely clear and didn't need to say it anyway, but apparently I do.) and she's going to the vet next week to get a full check up and a double test for FELV. I didn't need to tell you guys any of that, did I? Went without saying, right? I thought so. Until I received this:


Hi Miss Banshee,

Lou ( has left you a comment:

Yeah, by all means, don't get her checked out. Enjoy your houseguests, write funny blogs and fuck the cat. Ignorance is bliss. And infuriating.

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So do with that comment what you will, which I am posting here instead of soiling your wonderful and supportive comments with its vitriol, to solemnly swear, not to "Lou" who can eat a bag of dicks, but to all of you out there who know I'd step in front of a bus for my cats, who still cries every day over Stewie, but again, I DIDN'T NEED TO TELL YOU THAT, did I? Of course not. That I AM taking Lulu to the vet. 

Perhaps this entire post was a mistake, that I should have just deleted the comment and gone on with my life, but you can think I'm an asshole all you want. But never, ever, insult my commitment to my cats. 

That's all. I have houseguests I'm ignoring right now in order to write this. I'll be back, probably tomorrow, after I've calmed down. 

Sorry, guys. Didn't mean to be a downer. I love you all, except you, Lou. You can go fuck yourself.



Troll Me All You Want But Leave My Cat Out Of This — 30 Comments

  1. Of course you are going to take Lulu to the vet. Apparently Douchebag Lou doesn’t realize that vets are like doctors in that you don’t just waltz in without a friggin’ appointment!
    Oh, and if you happen to have caught Douchebag’s IP address, I can set my minions on him. The minions are animal lovers too…

  2. Yeah, that wasn’t about your cat. That was about Lou recognizing a superior being and reacting as the insecure always do. You could have said you were making potatoes instead of green beans and Lou would have tried to figure out a way to take issue with it.

  3. I love cats more than people sometimes and I never thought for a moment that you were putting Lulu second to have fun with your friends. Lulu is healthy and feeling fine and you’ll take him in to get tested soon. Trying to get the test at an “all-night” emergency vet hospital won’t change anything. I’m sorry a mean, ignorant hater sent you that mess.

  4. Dear Lou,
    Grab some common sense and some anti-douche pills next time you’re at the pharmacy. Also, shouldn’t you be rescuing animals and bringing them to the all-night vet instead of making nasty comments on blogs?

  5. What an asshat. Of course you care about your cat, and of course you’re taking her to get checked. Some trolls need to just die under the bridge.

  6. Gah! The Lou’s of the world irritate the ever loving shit out of me! Lou? Can’t you read? She SAID she’s taking Lulu to the vet next damn week so what do you mean she’s not getting her checked? Asshole. Grrr!

  7. Ack! Srsly, no reasonable person every doubted that you were taking Lulu to the vet asap. Vets aren’t vending machines for goodness sake! You can’t just throw the money in and get instant cookie-goodness!

  8. I think he has trouble with reading comprehension. And social comprehension. Also being polite comprehension. Along with mind-you-own-beeswax comprehension. Let your angry feelings be soothed by all this love being sent your way. And, yes, we KNOW that you love and care for your Lulu bunches & oodles.

  9. What an asshole, go fuck yourself indeed . It’s called karma troll and it’s coming for ya. I never understood why people go out of the way to be asses. Ignore it Banshee, some asshat just has. Nothing beter to do then kick ya when your down. Wussy couldn’t even leave a real email. Douchebagger

  10. I agree that he clearly has reading comprehension issues. Besides, I specifically told you NOT to rush in with Lulu. Knowing today or next week whether or not she’s Felv positive will change nothing. If you’re reading this Lou, I’ll have you know Miss B is a generous and devoted cat owner, a fact of which you seem to be entirely ignorant despite clear evidence to the contrary in her blogs. Ignorance is, indeed, infuriating.

  11. do not feed the trolls! although sometimes ya gotta vent, right? for a change of pace try this: hey lou, eat a hot bowl of dicks! (it’s all the rage these days.) hang in there, sweetie

  12. try this: hey lou, eat a hot bowl of dicks! it’s all the rage these days 😉 hang in there, sweetie. btw, do not feed the trolls! although i’m guessing sometimes ya gotta vent.

  13. what a jerk! clearly he does not read you every day like the rest of us. if there was anyone who loved her kitty babies more than you, i never heard of them. my immediate thought on reading your last post, was “well, yeah, you probably need to wait till next week cause most vets are BUSY and NOT OPEN ON WEEKENDS. Might as well enjoy your guests since you already have to wait.” That was abundantly clear to me. This guy needs to have his hands removed so he can’t leave hurtful comments. That’s my 2 cents.

  14. Something tells me that may not be his real email address.
    Anyhow. Sorry — you didn’t deserve that, and the guy(?) in question deserves a five-finger death punch.

  15. Well, for fuck’s sake. There’s trolling, and then there’s TROLLING. I hope that motherfucker gets an oozing, uncomfortable rash in an embarrassing place.
    To be clear, there was never a doubt in my mind that you were going to get Lulu checked out. I mean… nur. You’re a good cat mama, Miss Banshee. Have a delightful weekend with your friends, and I hope everything goes well at Lulu’s appointment next week! **hugs**

  16. Wait, didn’t you specifically SAY that you’re taking Lulu to the vet next week to get her checked out?
    Hmm. Yeah. I’m thinking that maybe Lou needs our pity because he clearly doesn’t know how to read.

  17. Apparently Senor Dickwad can’t read as you CLEARLY stated that Lulu had an appointment next week with Dr. K. What are you supposed to do? Stare at her anxiously all weekend until said appointment time? How will that help anything?
    Dear Lou,
    Why haven’t you made an appointment for a colonoscopy to see if they have found your head yet?

  18. First of all – you aren’t exactly ignoring anything when you put up a public blog post about it. So to even imply that you aren’t taking Lulu’s heath seriously is ridiclious.
    Second – As you mentioned, you’ve been watching her and she seems like her normal self, save for some extra affection, which is understandable considering.
    Third – I had two cats (at one point three) for a numbers of years. Unfortunately I did have to get rid of them and it tore me up EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.
    Anyway I had this whole vet story about one of them but after I typed it I realized it was 1) too long and 2) I could see people thinking I made the entirely wrong decision but ultimately it was mine to make.
    You know what is best for YOUR cats. Don’t let the haters get to you!!

    What a douche-canoe. I think you should totally post your response from Dr K (from the comments) just to really show him to shove a tire iron up his ass.

  20. Clearly the idiot has nothing better to do than to try and make you feel worse about a situation that is already highly upsetting, to say the least. Anyone who has read your blog for even a day know how much you love your babies, and it goes without saying that of course you are taking Lulu to get checked out. I’m sorry you had to deal with asshat Lou at a time like this. I am praying that Lulu gets a great report from the vet and has many more happy years as supreme ruler over all she surveys (that’s what my dad always called our cat who just a couple of weeks ago had to be put to sleep at the age of 17).

  21. What part of “I need to get Lu tested for FELV as soon as possible. […] But we’re going next week” did Lou not understand from the previous post?
    You did not say “I’m having houseguests and therefore NEVER taking her.” You said “I’m having houseguests and therefore waiting a few days” (in essence).
    He just wanted to lash out because he’s got a microscopic dick and no life.

  22. I totally, completely agree with everyone that Lou shouldn’t have made that comment. I lost one of my beloved cats to leukemia and lost way too many to count over the years. But if I can play devil’s advocate without being surrounded by everyone and beaten with a few hundred bag of dicks, I’m gonna guess that Lou never read past the first paragraph:
    “Many of you have asked, very kindly, if Lulu also has FELV. Well, the short answer is…I don’t know. I’ll be honest, I’ve been terrified to bring her to see Dr. K, figuring the whole “ignorance is bliss” thing works quite well and is completely underrated…”
    Hey Lou, if you’re reading this, ya gotta do ALL your reading homework. Miss Banshee LOVES her kitties and would never, ever put them in harm’s way. Let this be a life lesson: if you jump to conclusions without getting all the facts you’ll look like a fool and no one will eat lunch with you ever, ever again. Peace out.

  23. That guy is a douche. You’re amazing. Lulu is going to be fine. I don’t understand people that have to poo on others that just love their animal babies.

  24. I just wandered over here from mamapop, and was loving your blog until I got here this post. OMG, what a fuckhead.
    I understand sometimes you cant just delete the rude comments, because that is how much they hurt. I would hug you if I could.
    That Lou is just a douche. Keep your chin up doll.

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