Goodbye, Clompy Stomp!

Gee, it seems like only Saturday I was saying this: 

"Well. If my poor friends can get moved for being too noisy, can I get Clompy Stomp evicted for running her vacuum at 8 AM every Sunday? Because that's way too early for that kind of noise, and *I* don't even do that, and I'm CRAZY." 

And what happened yesterday?????? As I was doing my morning OCD routine and checking the internet, there was a commotion! Upstairs! In Clompy Stomp's apartment! Now, this is nothing new, Clompy Stomp got her nickname for a reason, and that reason is that she makes an INCREDIBLE amount of noise, and there was that one hilarious time when that stupid Sex and the City movie came out that she and her cosmo-lubricated friends all tripped down the stairs in their high heels and I hope they had a designated driver and no one snapped an ankle like a string bean, because that was some ridiculous noise, let me tell you. Also? Hilarious. 

So anyway, there's stomping and clomping and it sounds like things are being thrown down the stairs, and me, being  the crazy lady who lives downstairs, needed to investigate, so I peeked out the window. Couldn't see anything but now there were voices! Jolly, loud male voices, swearing copiously, so I thought "Could it be true??? Could Clompy Stomp be MOVING?" and I plastered myself against the front door, sticking my eye up to the peephole, and that's when I saw it. 


Tons of boxes, and boys with white baseball caps (HA! I KNEW Clompy Stomp was a Woo Girl) lugging those boxes away from the door, SLAMMING the door, RUNNING up the stairs and so on and so forth. And suddenly, I did not care a WHIT that there was all this racket going on during my Sunday morning OCD cleaning. CLOMPY STOMP WAS MOVING. 

Mah prayahs have been answered, Baby Jebuddah in the Pack N Play, I wrote it on the blog, and IT CAME TRUE YOU SAW IT HAPPEN HERE!!!! I wonder what else I can make happen by just writing it down on the blog. Okay, so maybe that's the only thing that's happened that I wished for on the blog and it came true, but THINK OF THE POSSIBILITIES. 

I have a wish list to compile. Have a great day, cats and kittens!


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  1. Yay for departing clompy stomps. We had obnoxious downstairs neighbors who accused us of stealing their dirt devil when we moved in. We did not, but they never fully believed us. I am comforted by the thought that they were dying to run upstairs and burst in on me every time I vacuumed.

  2. In one of my last apartments (before becoming a homeowner), I had to call the landlord to complain about the ungodly noise from my upstairs neighbor. I had no idea what it was, just this random loud “BANG!” that scared the bejeezus out of both me & my cat. Turned out he was lifting weights and then dropping his barbells on the floor when he was done. Nice.
    When the landlord called me back to tell me had told the guy to knock it off, I said, “Great. Oh, and you might want to tell him to put a pillow between his headboard & the wall on the nights when his girlfriend is over. Because there are other things that I really don’t need to hear.” The landlord just about died laughing, and I’m guessing he must’ve told the guy, because I never heard his 15 seconds of jackrabbit sex ever again.

  3. Byebye whompy stompy clompy clomped woo girl!!! See ya lol. I got it, wish for hot single man who’s into former Gothette who love teh kittys and is obsessed with platform boots , Glee and all forms of reality TV and see if it comes true!!! If you write it, he will come…… Just a thought

  4. Funny! My upstairs neighbors had a little girl I named Stompy McConcreteboots because of her penchant for running around the apartment from 11pm-4am every night. Gah! The angels sang the day they moved out.

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