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Oh my beloved little squirrels, I am all over the place today. Date Boy was a bust, and I think I'm hit the wall with the whole online dating thing, anyway. Like I said, I get really into it for about a month and then totally abandon it for months at a time (usually because my experience has been awful) and yep, that pattern, she is continuing now. So Eff you, Schmokay Lupid, I've had enough. 

Anyway, what's so bad about being single? No one to mess up my (perfectly clean) apartment, no one to bother me with boy things or argue about the remote…Being single is awesome. And I'm well on my way to becoming the crazy cat lady anyway, so…Whatever. I don't care anymore.

Meeting with the cat rescue this Saturday, and vair excited about that, let me tell you. I think the consensus is two boys, yes? Two little boys who are hopefully already bonded and besties and will play with each other and leave Ms. Lulu alone (for the most part, Fatty needs a little exercise, and I think two little ones will keep her on her toes, don't you?) and so we'll see what happens with the rescue lady Saturday. I have one name picked out, and who knows, I might let someone ELSE pick out the other name. Nothing is decided yet. But soon!

I am so sorry I didn't blog yesterday, my squirrels, I was totally and completely blocked, and my brain was tired from writing my Dancing With the Stars recap, which you can find HERE, and it's vair funny this week if I do say so myself, (and I do) so I was a little tapped out with the wacky internet writing stuffs. But I'm back now, and full of righteous anger and fury at stupid boys, and whatever, I'm over it, it never happened, I was a lady and he was a shmoe, and I'm over it. 


More later if I'm feeling less discombobulated. 


Miss Havisham Is In — 8 Comments

  1. Well, I GUESS you can take a day off what with all the boy drama. They are stinky poopyheads anyway.
    Love the DWTS recap and *I* think that it was your best yet. Especially calling out Vienna! Bwah ha ha!
    Two boy babies sounds like a great idea! For some reason, boy kitties are just much niced than girl kitties (in my experience). Unless one is Clyde. Then he is just a wackaloon. And near-sighted. But I digress. So good luck and looking forward to seeing the pics of the new Banshee babies!

  2. Hugs Darlin! I was in your spot at one point…I found @ashabanapal when I stopped looking, so don’t give up hope. I tried the dating sites and hated them, they’re full of skeevy jerks! It’ll happen when the time is right. Don’t mean to be getting all cliche’ and what not, but living by the term, “it is what it is”, helped me out heaps!
    Can’t wait to see the new fur babies!

  3. “Two little boys who are hopefully already bonded and besties and will play with each other and leave Ms. Lulu alone…”
    Yeah, right. Two little guys who will love nothing more than ganging up on Lulu. She doesn’t stand a chance.
    Make sure you take them to your vet for testing for FeLV right away, and get them vaccinated when they test negative.

  4. Boys are flaming balls of cat urine drenched rotting maggoty garbage! And that’s all I’m gonna say about that.
    As for a male kitty, if you were to decide to let someone else name one (say your readers, in some sort of Name The Kitty Contest), I would like to suggest Percival. Percy for short.

  5. I loved your DWTS recap yesterday. Laughed many, many times out loud. And I am currently recruiting people for your cult…if you have a cult that is, which you totally should if you don’t already but you have the fan page so I guess you do. Anyway. Recruiting.

  6. And I saw on Twitter that one possible name was ‘Phinneas’; how about ‘Kurt’ for the other one since you did such a fab job pinch-recapping ‘Glee’ for Snarky Amber. Or Tiberius.

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