Meet Tobias

Sorry for the crap quality of this one He's a squirmy little man. So tomorrow Toby and Finn will be introduced to each other and grow big and strong together before they come home in a few weeks. Toby's only one pound! 

They need to be 2 pounds and neutered, and then they'll come home and be sequestered away from Lulu for a while, shouldn't be a problem, actually, I have lots of doors I can close. Then I'll take them to Dr. K who is THE vet to have, to get a full checkup and then the slow intro to Lulu will begin. It's gonna be a challenge, and the Queen will not be pleased at first, but give Lulu a lot of credit here. She's moved all over the country and has been with MANY cats over the years. 

It's going to be crazytowne around here. Three weeks till they come home!!!!!


Meet Tobias — 10 Comments

  1. yay! congrats on the new addition. he is adorable. i actually got my kitten today (convincing the boy took awhile but i finally won the battle!)
    best of luck on your kitten transition w/ Lulu. im sure she will love him.

  2. Aw, so cute! Congrats on the yummy new furbabies! Miss Lulu will I’m sure be delighted with new subjects to rule. Or torture.
    And your date last night sounded….good? Though ‘Watchmen’ seems an odd choice for a first date. Good movie, just an interesting choice.

  3. OMG, I am dead of adorable. How old is he? His ears look like they’ve barely lost that folded-over newborn look.
    wriggly and squirmy, huh? Lulu totally deserves some pre-emptive cuddles for putting up with that. 🙂
    congratulations on the new babies!

  4. Congratulations to you on the additions to your little family. I’m so happy for you! And for Finn & Toby! They are so beautiful…& will be wonderful companions/entertainment for you.
    When I lost TWO of my purrfect babies withing 8 weeks of each other I had to get a kitten (as much for Miss Lacy-cat & my old dog Seamus as for me! We were all Sooo depressed over the loss) Lacy loved her & mothered her for a few months until she became a hallcat & I had to get HER a kitten to play with. Selkie & Lyra adore each other & mostly leave Lacy be, but they love to play with Seamus! At 13, I’m convinced its what keeps him alive!
    Have a blast with them. Enjoy the love & baby purrs.

  5. cutest. kitteh names. EVAR. vair vair proper and almost british-like. perhaps you can get them to sit inside fancy teacups for a photoshoot when they come home. (that they are completely ADORBS goes without saying.)

  6. Augh! They’re so little! How could they possibly be so little? Little baby tabbies! Want to snorgle the little baby tabbies!
    Okay. I’m okay. Don’t mind me. 😉 Congrats!!

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