Common Sense Puts Her Foot Down

Common Sense: We need to talk.

Me: No we don't.

CS: Yes we do. You need to stop.

Me: I know. *hangs head* It's just…

CS: I know, sweetie. It's hard.

Me: ALL my friends, dude.

CS: If all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you?

Me: Probably.

CS: Hopeless.

Me: All my friends are in long term gaga googoo lovey dovey relationships. 

CS: Not all.

Me: Not ALL, but most.

CS: I know it sucks. 

Me: Not for them, I'm happy, I'm THRILLED for them, it's just…When's my turn?

CS: Dunno, babe. But you've got to stop with the Schmokay Lupid. It's getting ridiculous.

Me: It really is. 

CS: Another swing and a miss.

Me: yep.

CS: But if you don't keep trying, there's ZERO chance you'll meet someone. You work from home. You don't go to clubs and bars. And there's only so much you can what, LOITER? SOLICIT? 

Me: I'm not becoming a hooker, for the love of god's pants. 

CS: You're the one bitching and moaning, sister.

Me: I'm just stating facts.

CS: Well it's got to stop. You're whining and pissing and moaning and it's got to stop. The Kentucky Boys are coming home soon. 

Me: YAY! Oh wait, the readers don't know about why we call the kittens The Kentucky Boys.

CS: I smell a blog for tomorrow. 

Me: Excellent. I'm going to go vacuum. And straighten books. 

CS: Yeah, no clue as to why you're a one date wonder, freakshow. 

Me: I'm through listening to you.

CS: No more blind dates from the internet. I really mean it this time.

Me: Fine. I'll just die alone then.

CS: What did Snarky Amber say about being melodramatic?

Me: Shut up. 

CS: Just stating facts. 


Common Sense Puts Her Foot Down — 8 Comments

  1. Well, everyone dies alone, pretty much.
    Just to cheer you up and all!
    I don’t see why you have to stop internet dating? If it’s fun, then do it. If not, then stop.
    Seriously, JDate’s the place to find a lifelong love. First, convert to Judaism. Then, go on JDate. That’s my plan anyway, if I get divorced.

  2. “When’s my turn?”…I ask myself that same question a lot. Don’t know if it helps to know that you are not alone in your “aloneness”, but you aren’t. *sigh*

  3. From someone who’s had a “happily ever after” end after 13 years…you’re not missing ANYTHING! Relationships aren’t the root of any kind of happiness. That stuff’s all within.

  4. I felt the same way. Plus I work from home too and never go anywhere. However.. the winds of fate have a strange way of flowing where you don’t think to smell.
    I met mine on Twitter of all damn things. We started with 140 characters or less. Switched to DMs. Evolved to IM. …email… I was in Seattle. He was in New Jersey. I flew here. We both flew to San Diego. He flew out to Seattle. 6 months later I moved to New Jersey (since I can work from anywhere my home is..) and 18 months later here I am.. still here…happily ever after. ..or however it goes.
    There’s hope. It’s just strange where you find it.

  5. Aw, *lovelove*. I don’t want to go all new-agey on you, and be “blah blah it will happen when it’s time…”
    But really? I tried AND AND eHarmony. I dated two guys from Match and that was it. It never went anywhere.
    So I saved my love and gave it elsewhere- to friends, family and myself. That worked. I was happy and surrounded by good people when the “right one” came along. It is lonely, and it is sucky but you are full of awesome. Hang in there.

  6. So many sides to this, all valid. I have two friends who have had miserable luck with online (JDate, Match, etc.) and are in a similar situation as Miss. B. I have three friends who swear by staying single and another two who swear by being married. It’s all back to that “do what’s right for you” thing. I’ve been with the same guy for 6 years after about 20 of being alone and happy. The first two years with him were all lovey-dovey, but slowly it became hard work some of the time, nice and comfortable most of the time, and only rarely lovey-dovey. Some days I even wish to be single again. (He was a blind date, but from a mutual friend not an online service.)

  7. (Continued from “Ask me anything”) I too am on disability retirement (for an “invisible” set of ailments,) housebound, a germaphobe (& w/o male companionship *sigh*) Yesterday my 13 yr old dog died, at home, w/o much warning. I know he was old but he was healthy & happy! My heart is shattered. I will now have to depend on MY 3 kitties to keep me focused on just getting out of bed. I do need to follow your lead & CLEAN (i.e; sterilize) my house, thanks for the inspiration! BTW, I’ve been told for years that when you STOP looking men will fall in your lap. Its true! I’m suddenly beating them off with a stick! Of course, its not the men I WANT, but oh, well – hopefully that will change,too. Just try to focus on being semi-healthy, trying to LIVE your life & being a good Mama to your furry babies. Things will improve in the other fields. Please follow me on twitter? I really love your imagination & sense of humor. Oh, & Common Sense sometimes doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Besides, if you”stop” what will you blog about? Can’t wait for Fin & Toby’s pics at their new home! Take care!

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